New Zealand mon amour

For the festive time we headed over New Zealand, the land on which my husband was born. New Zealand is fresh and lush, it is a country where the air tickles your nose for adventure, laughter and great coffee!


Gisborne is going to cry very soon !

Our son turned 2 and this little man is already half my size …with his copper hear, running in shorts and gum boots pushing a heavy vintage doll pram in the rain, he was so concentrated. I am so proud to have him in our life! I am not going to lie it is not always easy but the great times are so high off the chart that it hides, over powers all the challenging times! I am glad we have his smile!


Our son doing his workout and his coach maman

We had a hard time during 2014 in term of health in our family, I am hoping that the end of this crazy time is not far. I am hoping that no more crappy things are coming, I am happy and ready to say CIAO to 2014.  During this hard time I drowned and surrounded myself in knitting, in the colours of the yarn and the people around the thread. I know without doubt that knitting helps you to smile and survive the hard periods of your life. It is a world for me in which my brain is set free and feels good. Knitting brought me back from the edge of depression many times.


Look what I found in my mother in law garage ! maybe it is a sign .. ;)


Manuka green trunk, look at these colours!! it almost makes me think of republic of wool, grasshopper, that I just bought


Manuka flowers, honey bee love them and it makes an amazing honey with a smoky flavour !


Fat and fluffy NZ bumble bee ! with its proboscis out ready to suck the goodness :)


The rain with the flowers


Love these colours !


Pretty cabbage in the rain

To keep up with my knitting finger exercises, I have been working on the loop from Casapinka KAL with Skeinyarn, the pattern is quite easy to memorised, the tension is hard to get right so do not stop this project for a too long period of time otherwise your tension memory will be affected! :)


Tea in my footrot flats mug and caramel loop ! everything is just perfect don’t you think?


Details of the loop I have only 5 loops to go ! but the stitch number increases significantly and the speed decrease drastically. You know this inverse relationship …

This is all for now ! I hope you are having a great start in your December and that your advent calendar is spoiling you ;)

Bonne nuit ! fais de beaux rêves ou alors passe une super journée :)

Good nigh! have sweet dreams or have a lovely day :)


Exploration station with Westknits


I have knitted a few westknits designs now the Lumpy space, Parachutey, Syncopation addiction and now I have finished my exploration station. I learned a lot during this KAL and more importantly I have fallen in love with Brioche knitting ! It is the best canvas stitch for beautiful yarn!

Madelinetosh fingering weight was used and my choice of colours was not my habitual one. I did not follow my habit and left my comfy black for neon peach ! as you can imagine, it was a pretty significant change ! I felt almost uncomfortable at first …. like I was lying to myself … very strange but as the shawl grew, the colours were also growing on me and my feeling changed. As the lovely ravelerier Theopup said “it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream with a hint of tutti frutti. Lovely!”  I had to use her words as it described perfectly the sweetness of the shawl in these colours!

You have to know that Neon peach is bright, so bright that I am pretty sure it will glow under dark light ! I think that it is brighter than edison bulb!  All the colours I chose were not solid colours and I think that non-solid colours give another dimension to a knitted garment.

I should stop babbling away and let the pictures speaking for themselves don’t you think ?!


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phoenix pebble


And another Pebble from Curioushandmade, it is a fire, a phoenix rising from the beautiful  fall of Ilium from one of my favourite yarn dyer, Countess Ablaze. I loved the colour of the yarn, now I love the fire and  the strength of my new pebble ! It is just beautiful !

The pattern is by far the easiest shawl pattern I have ever followed and it is so FAST to knit ! perfect If you want to make a fast hand knitted christmas present :)


The manly art of knitting ! I love this little book, it is perfect for beginner !

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Sweet lucky diner pillow


I signed up to the lucky dip club not long ago. The concept of  receiving a surprised little parcel each month with different lovely themes is just too tempting. The October box was the lucky Dinner box . It was  a homage to retro diners food: cheesy pizza, salty greasy hot dogs and sweet lovely donuts. The cheery on top of the knickerbocker glory was that you had a golden donut necklace ! you should have a look here to see how pretty it is !

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Mysterious Westknits KAL + Madelinetosh = RAD


It is very mysterious so mysterious that you should not read any further if you want to knit exploration station from westknits and do not want to see what is behind clue 1 and 2 .

I chose madelinetosh merino tosh light for this KAL with 4 fingering weigh yarns, holi festival, farmhouse white, neon peach and cardinal. I can almost write a mini quote with the name of the yarns. It will give the soul of my future shawl I guess … :)

———————The neon peach was high up on the tree, it was therefore a perfect start for the holi festival  in the farmhouse white, the cardinal was pleased ———————————


From left to right: Farmhouse white, cardinal, holi festival and neon peach

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I left warm Australia for two weeks to visit my collaborator with who I learned so so much. My mum came to join me as always when I am overseas and we had  a great time together!


I love the autumn colours !

I took my addiction for knitting with me of course, so there I learned a new technique with my mum. Cable knitting! I had a simple and fast goal, which was to make a beanie “apple pie” from tincanknits. I chose a variegated yarn from malabrigo (merino worsted) ! when I saw this yarn at the lovely yarn shop Mind’s eye yarn on Porter square , I had to buy it !

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Anti-Autumn KAL Pompom Quartely Finished


Autumn is over the north, but down south spring is upon us, so my Autumn KAL with  Pompom Quartely has a summery flavour !

I finished My ananas comosus singlet from issue 9  a while back and here are my little words and pictures! the colours I used for my ananas are a bit unusual ! Here some pictures !


Intarsia Ananas


The back of the Ananas (make sure you bring all the colour yarns to the edge of the Ananas to avoid holes, I made this mistake, that is why I have a the zigzag business on the edge) …)


I crocheted around the neck line to give a smoother finish


The finished ananas


The back


Voila the Ananas Comosus by Sarah Garry

One of the best part of Autumn is the fresh air, the falling leaves with golden shade and Halloween …. If we mix our spring/summer and want a feel of festive halloween, why not carving a Ananas Jack-O- Lantern :)! Have a look at this clever idea by A subtle revelry!! 

Now my Ananas Comosus has some good potential for an Anti-autumn down under ! Don’t you think!!


Picture from Subtle Revelry

Skeinyarn + Curioushandmade = Pebble beach shawl


If you are looking for something quick, easy, and beautiful to knit as a christmas present then the Pebble beach shawl from curioushandmade is FOR YOU ! the shawl was finished in a week or so and I believe that some fast knitter can finish this beauty in less time than that.

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Fibre lover portrait #3

Baby Bitsy in a Donkey Suit

Today, I am happy to introduce S from Tales of twisted fibers, the creator of Ivy, the clever crocheter behind the infamous free Batman pattern (visitors favourite pattern on Amigurumipatterns), the designer behind Foxy O’Neal  and Miss Kitty Catty  featured in the amazing pattern book Animals at work , the bee girl was top ten on the list of  fun features from dream to reality #69 on DIY dreamer web site.

Even though, I have never met S in person, discussing with her through emails, I could tell that she is indeed a passionate fibre crafter, she put a lot of work on putting patterns together. I worked with S on the Ivy pattern and I was very impressed on how thorough the explanations were (step by step pictures on tricky parts).  S has been crocheting for only 2.5 years and her work is outstanding and inspiring. I am happy to share with you her work and world!

Little warning: There is a PA content doll in this blog post !  so only grownups are allowed to click continue reading ! sorry guys!! 

©Tales of Twisted Fibers. All rights reserved.

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