Amigurumi Ivy for halloween


When Tales of twisted fibers called for testers for her new pattern, I jumped on the occasion! I was lucky to be chosen for the testing of Ivy.

I have to say that the pattern was Perfect and that there were not many things to fix really. I was so happy to make Ivy that I got carried away and made some mistakes! The colour I chose are not very halloweeny but my Ivy is nicely wicked. She is a protector of children, loves drinking tea with cornichon biscuit (Chon biscuit), and collects rabbits.


Ivy the pink hair little sorceress

The thing that is new for me in term of amigurumi is that Ivy is movable. The use of mini wire make the entire doll alive. The making of Ivy was not very complicated as the explanations were pretty straight forward. It uses very basic crochet technics. I used 4 colours (white, brown lavanda and pink) Loden from Grignasco and crochet hook 2.5 mm. Ivy is 10.5 inches high and pretty !


she has a little hat




She is very precious and you should crochet one for the coming 31st of October !!!!! the pattern for Ivy will be soon available on amigurumi patterns ! Also if you go on the her amazing blog you will find amazing free amigurumi pattern ! I am planning to make batman and super Ted!

A lot of work goes into making dolls and patterns so if using free or bought pattern always give a little thanks to the maker! Ivy pattern is on sale Here

Happy Amigurumi making !!




I never promised you a rose garden


Yarn of the day ! I never promised you a rose garden Tia merino single ply from Countess Ablaze …again

I think I will let the pictures to talk for themselves


I never promised you a rose garden


look at these colours !!! they are alive!!!


Tia merino is soft and a dream to knit with


Look at the yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!

and What Am I going to make with it ??? Ah Ah I think it will be outrageously pretty :) the pattern is in PomPom mag summer 2014 now I need to find a sister colour…. Have you guessed what pattern it will be ??? ;)

Morrígan free pattern from Hedgehogfibers


Yes I made it ! my non-selfish knitting is cast off, blocked and beautiful! Thanks Hedgehogfibers for this amazing free pattern. Morrígan is a charted shawl with 3 charts: setup, repeat and edging. The pattern called for 4 repeats. I used the beautiful silk/merino lace weight yarn Implode by hedgehogfibers (700m/100g), a needle gauge of 3.75. I changed to wooden needle as the metal needle did not work. It is a very slippery business knitting lace with metal needles.

         Warning: if using metal needle when knitting lacy things, it can end up in tears ! so my advise use wooden needles. 
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Fiber lover portrait # 1


I decided that writing a blog about my own knitting adventures is just not as exciting as writing about other people fiber vision. When I was in the westknits KAL, I realised that even though everyone had the same pattern, Lumpy space, the finished object was different, it had a soul, the soul of the maker. I realised that behind each finished object there is a person with her/his own senses and stories. I decided to talk about people and their feeling and passion about fiber ! Today my first fiber lover portrait is my best friend C who is a mother, researcher, sporty person, and coffee drinker. I learned how to knit with her over many coffees and cakes  in deep discussion about science, philosophy and of course our future knitting projects.


So dear C, how long have been knitting ? I made my first jersey when I was 11 years old. so I learned a long time ago. Continue reading

Summer Sweater Knit along projects & Winners!


Thanks, merci nice and knit for allowing me to be a lucky winner :)! So many pretty creations, a lovely and very friendly KAL !!! I had a very good time and had plenty of motivation to finish cookies and cream.

Originally posted on Nice and Knit:



Pattern: Carpino done in Nice & Knit Cashmerino Sock (coming soon)


Pattern: Maja – Klito done in Nice & Knit DK

You’re ALL winners!

We have 2 First place winners who will each receive a $50 giftcard to our Nice & Knit Etsy Store, 2 runners up who will receive a $10 giftcard and a Nice & Knit T-Shirt, and all who participated will also get a $10 giftcard to the Nice & Knit Etsy Store. Send an email to niceandknit[at] to claim your giftcard!!

First Place Winners

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.44.28 AM

Saco Stripes beautifully crafted by jordynelizabeth

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.51.52 AM

Cookies and Cream handknit by horsebike29

Runners Up

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.53.20 AM

Talk about stunning, right? This beautiful Cecilia was knit by Ladyknitz

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.49.42 AM

And this original pattern was created and knit by Crafty-Effie

To claim your prizes, email niceandknit[at]

Check out these other stunning projects created during our Nice & Knit Summer Sweaters Knit Along. THANK YOU to all…

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gramps for the little one


The truth is that I am a selfish knitter, it is hard for me to make for others.  I have an excuse, it is because I am a slow knitter. I don’t want to give friend and family expectation for a quick  finished object. They will be very disappointed. However, since I am a mum things have changed, I am making mini jersey for my growing boy and I have a time limit as he is growing ….and he is growing fast. If he reaches his dad size (we are not quite there yet) I will struggle even more to make something for him. I decided to make mini jerseys for him now and I am enjoying it!

For the second mini jersey I decided to make GRAMPS from tin can knits. My choice of colours is Edison bulb and Teddy bear from Madelinetosh.



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Cookies and cream in Cairns


We arrived in Cairns yesterday for a conference, the moon was round and high in the night sky and the bats were singing pretty songs. They were flying between trees like a flock of crazy birds . It looked like they did not know where they were but then efficiently hooked themselves on a branch like the professionals they are. Continue reading

Words board #2

I decided to make another word board and I think it will be a monthly habit from now on :) it is again quotes I found and pin over the year.



From left to right, top to bottom then last middle

A) if you feel that way just think that it is the best place to be ! enjoy the unicity of your YOU

B) True so True so very True

C) Let go the bad, let go the grumpiness, let go the crankiness, let go …. yes, but man! it is soooo hard to do!!! :)

D) I think, therefore I am by Descartes this is very true but I make therefore I am is also true ! you should read the “most human human” by Brain Christian!

E) AH ! this one ! I am a new mum and I have to say that it is the hardest job on the planet (nobody will change my mind on that). I am a scientist and I love my job, I have a career and I want to keep it up. It is a lot of work and commitment but nothing like being a mum. NO. There are days when I forgot to eat, to change my top and sometimes I am just not interested, even through this feeling I always tried to keep this quote in my head so I don’t fall in a spiral of forgetting myself.

Finally F) The middle quote: A good way of finishing this word board, it is very hard to stay positive when so many baddies are falling on you! BUT you have to keep track of the positive thread, you have to hold it tight as you can not stay in the dark forever. As plain darkness is not possible when your alive …. smile look around you there is beauty in small things, and look, you are not alone

Happy knitting as knitting is therapeutic ! or happy making.



Inspiration from nature


G, little M and I like to go walking in the bush over the weekends. Little M likes to say hello to a  big family of fruit bats that lives high in the trees not far from our little trek.


I love the colours of the moss, the ferns and the gum trees. I love the silence and the freshness of the winter air.

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