when the Countess talks

Since I have been on ravelry, I came to realised how many gifted people there is out there, it is so inspiring ! I discovered so many things! Today, I want to talk about Countess Ablaze. She is a clever dyer from the UK, she is a yarn colour whisperer, she put a soul in the yarn and this is something that, as a knitter,  I am looking for. I just bought Break me Down a yarn with a lot of character, mystery and modernity. I want to use this splashy yarn to make a lacy shawl. It will be like a granny with a modern twist.

To be honest, I have no idea how Break me Down will turn out in a shawl, maybe it will be amazing, maybe it will be too outrageous. Maybe I should just keep it as it is and put it on display.


Who knows? maybe the Countess herself!

I have to say that this yarn came in a very nicely made package, it felt very special and most importantly it made me smile ! it felt like rainbows, my little ponies and Care Bears were rushing out of the package ! it felt great! thanks dear Countess to put so much thoughts and care in your packaging!


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