The Bento bag

I came across on Pinterest a lovely bento bag to store your wool or project. I thought; what a cute idea! what about making my own one (Because I do not have enough project)!


Bento bags from Fringe supply Co

First I thought: How to make it?? I realised very quickly that it was just a waste of time trying to find a way of making it so I surf the web (that is the only thing I surf well  ) and I find a very nicely explained tutorial on Pretty Prudent.



It took me maybe one hour to make the little bag. My triangle base was 46 cm therefore its median was 23 cm. I also use two colours so it was a bit more complicated to make the little bento bag. If you use one colour, no doubling, and if you are a professional sewer (not like me) you will be faster!


I think that it is a fraction too small. I will use my mini bento bag for small project like shawl or socks. But look at it!! even closed it is cute ! I am very happy with the finish result. I think that I will make more but not now… I just have to finish project #1 #2 and #3 first !


7 thoughts on “The Bento bag

    • Thanks for your comment! I love your idea of bento bag! I made another one with a different technique but they don’t match yours! Now i know who is bewind the bento bag :) i love your website btw


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