when too many projects is too many?

How many do you think? 2, 3 , 4…. I think 3 is starting to get too many. I start to have 3 bags of different wools, different patterns, different needles, … using different techniques. and of course you have your favourite of the week so you ignore the other projects for some days and the funny and strange thing about that is that you feel almost guilty for leaving behind your other ‘friends’.

Project #1: Panel B1 Jubilee throw

I am not sure how to have my ‘too many project’ disease sorted… maybe I should spend less time looking for project which mean I should reduce the time on ravelry and importantly do not open a ROWAN or POMPOM magazine. Do not open them for say, 4 weeks or more. This will allow to reduce the likeliness to have a spark for another project to arise.

Project #2: Cookies and cream by Ruth Green

I have to say that the queue on ravelry helps. It is like an external way of sorting your projects and this give you an idea how impossible it would be to start 15 projects at the same time …mind you I have an idea but somehow if my husband was not there to say: ” look honey bun, you have already 2 on the line please do not start a 3rd one ….it is just ridiculous”. Maybe I would start 15 projects….

Project #3: Not yet determined shawl with Black and Break Me Down

On the side note, within project #3 there is another just finished project which was the making of a lovely Bento Bag ! I am quite happy of the result and it will be good little bag for shawl projects. If you want to know more about the Bento bag have a look here.

Maybe I am too slow maybe if I was fast like my friend Emily, I will be able to knit more projects and then I will be less frustrated therefore less likely to start a new project ! OR, maybe the too many projects is the one slowing me down …. and what about you, how many do you think is too many?


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