The leaf shawl had a hard time

I learned how to knit with my best friend, one day I was flicking through the pages of one of my favourite magazine, Marie Claire Idées and I saw this amazing shawl ! Un chale parsemé de feuilles 

image I took the challenge of making one. I used exactly the same wool and colours. After 10 years, the shawl is still a big piece in my winter clothing. Today, it was a bit chilly so I decided to wrap this pretty shawl around my neck to go for an early family Sunday coffee. I am always happy when I wear it, as it reminds  me my time in Toulouse riding my blue bicycle to Uni, the cold, the sparking frost on the grass, the winter sun rising…my big green shawl around my neck…. oh it was so nice…

I realised two things when I was taking pictures; one is that it is very hard to take pictures of lace shawl and second is that my lovely memory shawl has been EATEN !!!!!!! NOOoooooOOOOoooo

DSCF0010You can see what these little bastards did to my shawl on last picture. It is very hard to see when a lacy shawl has been visited by mini larvae (they make holes bigger or creates new holes). I checked the entire shawl and realised that they did not make a lot of damage but still … it hurts to see my beloved shawl injured. So what to do ????? I tried to stop the holes to get bigger by tying little knots (not very flash technique really…) and it is not too obvious. The sad truth is that our only weapon against clothing moths is PREVENTION.

Rule #1: Keep your cloth and furniture CLEAN! (The truth is my shawl is so delicate, that I am not too keen to wash it too frequently so maybe that is the reason why it got eaten )

Rule#2: Do not accumulate woollen not in used

Rule #3: Use natural pest control such as oil (lavender, Rosemary, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Cedar…). soak a ball of cotton with one of these oils and put it in your draw. Refresh the ball once every month. Or make a lovely mini bags with dry  lavender and put around 10 drops of lavender oil on it (refresh once every month).

If you have a lot of them, like we did when we first move in our place, this is what we did:

-We placed moth traps to get the laying females. This does not killed the larvae. The larvae are the one eating our clothes. The moth traps were place in strategic places like bedroom shelfs for example.

-I cleaned some woollens that I did not use for a while and put natural repellent in my draws and cupboards.

– My husband used insecticide bombs (in our bedroom and living room) when my son and I were away. He did that twice. Even though, I HATE using insecticides, I have to say that since then our moth traps have been clear of moths !!!! and no more new holes in our socks  and shawls !




2 thoughts on “The leaf shawl had a hard time

  1. I remember that time! Seems so far away! Je pense bien à vous en ces moments difficiles…en tous cas ton blog est superbe et très bien écrit! Je ne pensais pas que c’était toi qui écrivait! C’est en regardant le coeur! En tous cas c’est très beau! Bises


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