Dr Hannibal Lecter can Knit

There is a link between Hannibal and knitting…. Read you will see…..

Hannibal is too perfect in his imperfection of being only a psychopath. He knows how to cook all kinds of food from different parts of the world, he knows many languages, he knows history, botany, anatomy, astrology, drawing, programming (?), singing (?) making love, he even has daddy feelings (how cute), he is a very talented warrior as he can kill in no time well trained FBI agents and mafia type people, I am sure that he knows kung fu, archery, shooting any kind of thing including lance pierre, he can do anything, right ?! So he must know a lot about needle craft because he is a retired surgeon, right ! sooooo……. he knows how to stitch ! Now ……..Imagine

 Dr Lecter elegantly sitting on an armchair made by him ( he knows upholstery of course) using premium human skin tanned by him of course, knitting away his new design (not Will’s one ) with his own hand spined yarn made from human hair and thin threads of human guts. What do you think it would be??? socks for his new friend Will ??? and near him mini finger food made by him, again and always: Deep fried nipples spring rolled in marinated Daikon with a light Yuzu sauce.

His perfection sucks and annoy me BIG time and the fact that the FBI is so rubbish, with their lab coat and mini forceps in their hands annoys me too…. and  Will is BORING. I thought the series will take another interesting angle but it does not. It is gore just for gore, no sorry, it is pretty just to be pretty.

Maybe I should watch my little pony season 4 instead ….

My crankiness is that Hannibal made me lose stitches when knitting in front of TV! he made me start over sections of my cookies and cream jersey too many time. so now here I am crocheting a human heart:


If you want to know more about how to make this heart go here. If you want to have a mini anatomy lesson go here. I have to go now as I have a severed leg to knit ……





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