Westknits + Countess Ablaze + Shawl = Bright


Today, I started my first ever KAL on ravelry the summer shawl KAL from Westknits. I chose to make Lumpy Space. It almost looks like an eye, the talisman “the evil eye”.  I have a necklace bought from my favourite artiste Jessi Taylor that actually looks like lumpy space. Jessi makes amazing jewellery  and writes superb stories about them. I love the combination of words and the making of something as words add an extra magic to the object!


The evil eye by Jessi Taylor

For my Lumpy space, I will use needles size 4 and only 3 colours ….We shall see what it is going to give. I think it will be not too bad at all ! I love the yarn break me down it is the soul of the shawl ! colours for section 1 A= Countess Ablaze (break me down)  and B = Morris and sons Empire (french grey)

Processed with Moldiv

Look at these crazy colours !

PS: Italic was written after the “mistake” 

At the start, I got confused as I have never made something like that before! The first few rows look pretty ugly and they look more like a mini blob of nothingness so I started many many time as I thought that I was maybe making a mistake but no it was the same nothingness. But yes I did make a mistake …..…… a very embarrassing one …. first page I read from left to right and on page 2 I decided to read from right to left ….. Yes how silly is that….. of course I was VERY confused! the mini blob of nothingness that you see in pink at the bottom should not be there so that was before I realised that I made a mistake:



The little shawl sprouts, Magic!

I decided to put my brain in a corner for a bit and  simply follow the explanations without trying to understand. Then magic happened!! I started to see the pattern, the dynamic of it and then all made sense! My choice of colours got clearer, the finish product got more real. And of course putting my brain in the corner might have not been a wise idea really. I carried on like everything was all good UNTIL …….


Section 1 before starting again


you can see the pale pink blob at the bottom of my section 1. that is not mean to be …..

I went on the lumpy space forum and saw all the amazing pictures of the section 1 of everyone else then I came to realised that something was NOT right with mine …. and yes indeed … .so I started AGAIN and here it is an almost finished first section 1 (you knit it twice) 

DSCF0004 2

Section 1 the right way! no pink blob anymore


Section1 and Section 2 finished, now section 3




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