Words board #1

The name of my blog is Mots et Pensées which means in french Words and thoughts.  I love sentences, words, images that give you the boost, the extra push that you are missing on Monday morning for example. At the moment my life is far from smooth sailing so I like to pin very nice quotes that give me the feeling that I can over come pretty much anything.

The board bellow is a mini sample of the quotes I have pinned over the year 2013. I think that they have a lot to give to anyone (even you, yes you reading this post). I gave letters to each of them and comments.


A. Nature was there, I hope to the bottom of my heart that she will never go, that somehow we will be less careless, less idiot, less human more animal (as we are the only stupid thing on earth that destroy our habitat with such great efficiency!)

B. Nothing come out of nowhere, nothing, you have to work for it, and work hard, have tears running down your cheeks and grumpiness fuming from your ears. If one day success comes…. stay who you are do not go and drift on a cloud somewhere where you lose the root of where you came from

 C. :) 

D. Oh! this is for me, one of my favourite quote (that is why it is in the middle of the board). It says the truth and I think if you follow this quote you will feel lighter

E. We always need a little voice telling us these pretty words

F and G These two quotes are telling almost the same thing. I think it is important to be who you are in your differences. Lying to yourself to fit a cake tin is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

H For some reason, I like the words, their dynamic and how the print moves. I can almost hear the print saying these words!….. at the end of the day you will do and do what ever you like, quotes or no quotes you are the one driving your life !

Happy Reading, better go sleeping now



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