Yarn oh dear yarn why are you so pretty

Yes, why are you so pretty?

The colours, the textures the everything make them so attractive ! yesterday it was my 37th birthday and I received lovely yarns from my lovely G ! I thought oh my lovely G! what an amazing idea, it will not help my too many projects problem….. BUT it was the best feeling ever to add other colours to my collection, and other projects to my growing list!


The heart of yarn

So in this heart of yarn there is substance for at least 3 crochet dolls from lalylala,  two jumpers for my little man, 5 pairs of socks, 1 or 2 jumpers and 1 skirt …and maybe another shawl from Westknits ….


A shade of yellow

When I took the pictures, I realised that I have a lot of bright yellows in my stash. I am not sure what that mean : it is said that yellow is not a loved colour in the western world, it is the colour of ambivalence and contradiction but it is also the colour of happiness and wisdom. I guess it might be a reason for me to be attracted to yellow when I am usually attracted to black. Maybe it is my way to see the bright side of things … Anyway, now my question is where do I store my collection, my heart of yarn ??

4 months ago, G and I decided to make a bookshelf out of solid wood and pipe. I design the bookshelf and G made it :) ! so of course I had to have a place for my wooly collection, and project bags… right … so here is what we made at least a section of it:


I know it is not big and also you can not see the pretty yarns but aye it is very convenient when you have a 17 month old running around the place and using my yarns as a soccer ball or :). I think we can write a book about our love for the yarns, the stash building up and our feeling around collecting and keeping them near us.


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