Westknits KAL lumpy is finished

First KAL, first Westknits pattern, the Lumpy Space is accomplished !

Winter is officially in Sydney, the rain has been our friend for the last 3 days and our little man has brewed us a highly contagious virus (hand, foot and mouth disease).

the rain

The pretty rain helped lumpy Space

We spend a lot of time indoor drinking coffee, eating cake, working,  playing soccer and of course knitting! so I think the rain has greatly helped the making of Bright lumpy space !

I was looking forward to see the finish product, knitting with the circular needle does not allow to display much of your hug shawl. The section 3 is very long, I was looking forward to knit the row with the YO each time. These rows became like mini goal along the way to the finish line.


Half way through section 3

The picot bind off was very fun to knit. I used  for the bind off the supa cool colour yarn break me down yarn, so every time it was like a new mix of bright colours sprouting from the picot bind off. I LOve It


Before blocking Lumpy measured  182 cm. After blocking Lumpy measured 258 cm ! because it is so big I blocked the shawl by folding at its center. I think that it made for a more symmetric blocking. Some close-up pictures show how break me down played with the design of the shawl!


It was very challenging to take nice pictures because the shawl is big and it is raining outside. So here are the pictures I managed to take of the entire shawl. I will take more pictures when the sun comes back :)!




When the sky was happy the colours popped out !


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