Hedgehog fibres from Ireland

I received my order from hedgehog fibres a while back. The hand-dyed silk merino lace yarn is outstanding! it has the beautiful shine of the silk as well as its softness.

I ordered two very different colours for two very different projects. I have Rusty Nail: a sunny yarn with a lot of screaming bright yellows. I am plaining to make viaduct by Beata Jezek.Beata designs some pretty amazing shawl and on top of that the patterns are free! I love viaduct and its bobbles! it will look fantastic in rusty nails!


Rusty Nails is the sun, the warmth of summer, the shine and richness of butter. It is for me to spring roll myself in.


My little man was very keen on trying to help with the taking of the pictures…

My other colours is for something secret. the colours is called Implode and it has the mood of the clouds and the shine of a frozen winter lack. It is very mysterious and clever. It has the soul of the queen of the mountain wood…


Both yarns are complete opposite in terms of colours but similar by their textures. I can not wait to knit these pretty fibres.



2 thoughts on “Hedgehog fibres from Ireland

  1. Je trouve les couleurs magnifiques … Que vas-tu créer avec ? Je m’en vais faire un tour sur le site . Je suis fière de toi


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