Summer sweater knit-ALong with Nice and Knit

I think I am getting addicted to KAL. The first time I saw these 3 letters I had no idea what they meant at all. Now I know. A KAL is Knit-ALong project so it is a way for a group of knitters to work together on the same pattern or different ones (like this one) and share thoughts about yarn, colour or pattern choices. Sometime you have a limited time like this KAL with Nice and Knit which will be officially closed on the 30th of July. Sometimes you don’t have a time limit .

I really enjoyed my first summer shawl KAL with Westknits. I am proud of my bright lumpy shawl! During the KAL, I discovered an amazing designer, a new brand of yarns, new shops, new friends. I am still following the progress of other amazing lympy space ! and I am torn apart between making vertices unit  (look at this amazing one here) or dotted rays shawl ….

I love the idea of sharing progress with other fibre lovers, learning new techniques and making some new friend ! It is also very exciting to watch projects of other fellow knitters growing ! I love it !


Rowan number 53, cookies and cream

So for this Nice and knit summer sweater KAL, I chose to make cookies and cream by Ruth Green which was published in ROWAN #53. I love the combination of lace and casual slouchy sweater.


Purl on the WS

I am done with the back and almost finished with the front ! I made some mistakes on the front lacy section which pushed me to restart a big section of the front. It is very hard to recover very bad mistake on lacy pattern, I am blaming the yarn overs!!!


I am not far from finishing this slouchy lacy sweater! and my next project will be the lovely and amazing Gramps by Tin can knit! I will learn so much from this pattern as I have never knitted a jersey from top to bottom and Tin can knit has AMAZING tutorials !!! I love this blog! I will use yarns from Madelinetosh: Tosh merino Edison bulb and discontinued yarn teddy bear (I did not have enough of teddy bear but I found more skeins from Ochre Yarn on Etsy)



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