Inspiration from nature

G, little M and I like to go walking in the bush over the weekends. Little M likes to say hello to a  big family of fruit bats that lives high in the trees not far from our little trek.


I love the colours of the moss, the ferns and the gum trees. I love the silence and the freshness of the winter air.



It reminds me a yarn I chose to make my first ever pair of socks. The yarn is from Manos Del Uruguay. Alegria, Happy socks yarn that have the colours of the winter Australian bush.


The colours is called OTONO. I love the yarn, I was very motivated to start the socks soon so they could be finished for G’s birthday. I found a very cool book by Lena Corwin about all “made by hand” which has a very basic pattern for socks. When I had the book in my hands at the bookshop, I flicked through the pages and I felt in love. There is many different handmade techniques such as shibori, Batik, crochet, jewellery making and the projects are very very pretty and inspiring ! I have to say that it was the first time I was so impressed by a craft book! so I bought my first craft book!


After our walk, I was ready to cast on. But ….something unexpected happened ! when I unwind the skein, I realised that it was ALL TANGLED !!! Manos what happened !! it looked like someone very drunk has folded the skein in a very strange way.


I am still working on untangling the yarn ! I was upset, my love affair with Manos Del Uruguay got a mini crack. I was upset but then I realised that mistakes are one thing that remind me that behind this yarn there are people working hard and that mistake can be made. Behind the yarn there is a long chain of different processes that can potential get wrong. It reminds me that we are indeed human :) and that mistakes are part of us.

In addition, Manos Del Uruguay is a small non profit organisation that reunite over 400 artisans working in cooperatives to bring the best from wool. The yarns are hand dyed which create its unicity. Knowing this I can not be cranky at Manos!

I will not be able to finish the socks for G’s birthday but it is ok. There is more important thing in life to be worried about than a tangled skein of beautiful fibre. You still have my heart Manos Del Uruguay! :)


2 thoughts on “Inspiration from nature

  1. Beautiful yarn! And you have to let me look at that book sometime! Also I love your description of forgiving Manos Del Uruguay for the tangled yarn. I tend to be very lenient when it comes to mistakes or problems with things I purchase, and you annunciated why I feel like it’s always good to give people another chances… even if they’re behind a shop, people are just people, and mistakes happen :)


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