Cookies and cream in Cairns

We arrived in Cairns yesterday for a conference, the moon was round and high in the night sky and the bats were singing pretty songs. They were flying between trees like a flock of crazy birds . It looked like they did not know where they were but then efficiently hooked themselves on a branch like the professionals they are.


The moon saying hi

I brought with me my nice and knit KAL jersey, Cookies and cream from Ruth Green, it is full of lacy holes, perfect for a tropical winter. It took me a while to finish officially this yellow goodness as the sewing was quite challenging. I had to sew front, back and arms. the lacy pattern made the sewing hard. The collar was very sloppy so I had to thread through a yarn around the collar to help it hold its shape.

What I realised when sewing is that I had to cut and hide tones of mini threads!!! I have to say that circular needles are great at avoiding the sewing, the cutting and the polishing!


The tone of mini threads after officially finishing the jersey

Here is the finished object ! In front of the pineapple stand ! You can buy any kind of tropical fruits and vegetables ! I love that and remember it is winter in Cairns ! :)


Cookies and cream with the pineapples


Cookies and cream reaching for a piece of pineapple

I had to take a picture of the back too. I love how the sloppiness of the jersey gives a relax feel to a lacy pattern. I am very happy on how it turns out !

Overall it is an easy knit, there is however 2 challenges:

The sleeves: they are not long but you will have to recreate the pattern along the increase so you will have to know where you are in the pattern.

The sewing: it is challenging to have polish look !


I made a mistake around the collar as you can see on the pictures but I was too lazy to rectify my mistake so I left it as it is! it looks ok I reckon !

Happy cookies and cream !!!


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