gramps for the little one

The truth is that I am a selfish knitter, it is hard for me to make for others.  I have an excuse, it is because I am a slow knitter. I don’t want to give friend and family expectation for a quick  finished object. They will be very disappointed. However, since I am a mum things have changed, I am making mini jersey for my growing boy and I have a time limit as he is growing ….and he is growing fast. If he reaches his dad size (we are not quite there yet) I will struggle even more to make something for him. I decided to make mini jerseys for him now and I am enjoying it!

For the second mini jersey I decided to make GRAMPS from tin can knits. My choice of colours is Edison bulb and Teddy bear from Madelinetosh.




it is soft !

It is important to note that this jersey is made from top to bottom using circular needle which I have never done before. The explanations were clear and if I was lost or did not understand something I just went on tin can knits website where you can find tutorials for the making of the little jersey ! I love this blog !


The start : the yoke


Seam line


gramps near cookies and cream


DSCF0029 2

To make the sleeves I had to use double pointed needles for the first time ! it was ok but my technique is far from perfect. DSCF0055

I am not sure that I like using DPN. They are a bit too wild for my taste :). and here is the finished object ! I was not too keen on making pockets but now i am not sure …. I might make the pockets after all and I should also add an extra button too.


I made size 3/4 to have as much wearability as possible. Now, you can also make a gramps for yourself if you want as tin can knits just updated their pattern.

Happy non selfish knitting !




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