Fiber lover portrait # 1

I decided that writing a blog about my own knitting adventures is just not as exciting as writing about other people fiber vision. When I was in the westknits KAL, I realised that even though everyone had the same pattern, Lumpy space, the finished object was different, it had a soul, the soul of the maker. I realised that behind each finished object there is a person with her/his own senses and stories. I decided to talk about people and their feeling and passion about fiber ! Today my first fiber lover portrait is my best friend C who is a mother, researcher, sporty person, and coffee drinker. I learned how to knit with her over many coffees and cakes  in deep discussion about science, philosophy and of course our future knitting projects.


So dear C, how long have been knitting ? I made my first jersey when I was 11 years old. so I learned a long time ago.

Who taught you? My mum and my grand mother. My friend also! as she pushes the limit of my skills by inspiring me to knit crazy project.

What do you think when you knit? I think about work about the next article I will write. I love listing to the english radio to improve my english. I also think about my next knitting project, planing holidays. I love to make a  list of thing to do in my head.  I like anticipation when knitting.

What is your relation with the yarn/stash? I don’t really buy yarns without a defined project. The only time I bought a yarn without a project was when I was in Norway ! it was a souvenir yarn. I love recycling yarn. I love creating something new with old, unwanted and forgotten yarns. I love searching in the stash of my grand mother for specific colour combination. I made Pixie from Kaffe Fassett entirely with recycled yarn! I am proud of that!



Pixie hand knitted by C


sleeves crochet details

When do you knit? The Wednesday, when the kids are napping and the weekend in pyjama with a warm coffee !

Do you think that crocheting and knitting has a therapeutic effect? Yes but it depends on the project. Knitting allows me to project myself. The project itself allow me to compensate for the lack of mountain walk, trips, holidays. It allows me to extract myself from my everyday life. The switch happen when I start thinking about the knitting project.

Are you proud when you finish something? Of course ! but it is very quickly forgotten. I am never satisfied. The projection of the project and the project itself is more stimulating than the finished project !

Are you a selfish knitter/crocheter? Yes and no, if it is a small project I am motivated ( I am currently crocheting 3 little lambs from lalylala for 3 little girls as a present). I love handmade present so I love making to give ! if the project tis too long then I knit or crochet for myself.


Two lupo !


He is supa mega cute!

Did you knit more in specific moment? Yes, for example when I started a new relationship. I started to knit more like it was a return to a less nomad life !

What are your two favourite jerseys, the ones you wear often? My slouchy and comfy jersey from Julie Hoover (Beaubourg) and Pixie from Kaffee Fassett.

Do you create pattern? Not really but sometime I make up stripped jersey with recycle yarns for my kids !


Beaubourg by Julie Hoover


the reverse edge



I hope that you enjoyed this little adventure in the fiber world of C! Let me know if you want to share your adventure. Just get in touch with me anytime :) !


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