Morrígan free pattern from Hedgehogfibers

Yes I made it ! my non-selfish knitting is cast off, blocked and beautiful! Thanks Hedgehogfibers for this amazing free pattern. Morrígan is a charted shawl with 3 charts: setup, repeat and edging. The pattern called for 4 repeats. I used the beautiful silk/merino lace weight yarn Implode by hedgehogfibers (700m/100g), a needle gauge of 3.75. I changed to wooden needle as the metal needle did not work. It is a very slippery business knitting lace with metal needles.

         Warning: if using metal needle when knitting lacy things, it can end up in tears ! so my advise use wooden needles. 

I decided to do 6 repeats instead of 4 as I wanted to use as much of the yarn as possible. The problem is when you do that, you have to be aware that your pattern will be different on the edging section, so I end up changing the pattern a bit. This free pattern is not very complicated in terms of lace knitting. It uses very basic methods and the finish result is very rewarding. I learned two things when knitting Morrígan, the sewing cast off method and what is the meaning of “no stitch”.  DSCF0019

The sewing cast off is one of several ways of binding off your work and why did they use this method rather than the normal cast off? I think it is because it will be prettier and also it will give you a stronger edge to work on when blocking (blocking for this shawl has to be aggressive) . I used the Zimmerman’s sewn off method and found a very easy tutorial to follow here.

No stitch what on earth does that mean???? I am not a shawl knitter expert so when I came across this mystical no stitch. I was puzzled, I was !!! what does that mean!!!…….. Is it like a shrödinger stitch it is both dead and alive, here but not here. The shrödinger stitch (no stitch) means that you ignore the stitch. I am sure that you are still very confused. Who would have known that knitting and quantum mechanics have so much in common ! very paradoxical isn’t it! I tried to make some sense to the no stitch paradox (see picture below).


See how we ignored these black stitches

Ok I hope this little tutorial was helpful and if not I hope that at least it made you smile !

Now back to my Morrígan adventure. I love knitting this big shawl. At the start it went fast as always, but then the speed significantly reduces as the number of stitches increases. I used almost all my yarn and I think I can safely say that I had just enough to finish the shawl. I decided to use wire for blocking but I did not want to buy them so I ask my other half to bring some from work and “made” my very own blocking wire :) (1 mm stainless steel wire) It took a while to go through the base of the triangle but when it was done the blocking was very efficient !


“Homemade” blocking wire


My made up central pointy edge :)

 I was quite aggressive when blocking because of the spine of the little leaves (if the blocking is not aggressive enough, they just pop up a little and do not give a smooth surface to the shawl).



and the finished object !


Like holding a cloud


5 thoughts on “Morrígan free pattern from Hedgehogfibers

  1. I have a question that you might be able to answer! It says to always slip the first stitch, so would you slip the “E” stitch at the beginning and knit it at the end of the row? Also do I just knit the center stitch? Thanks!


    • Hi Brandi!
      The first stitch E is always slipped and the last stitch of the same row is knit or purl depending on which side you are. Yes you knit the center stitch or purl depending on the side you are so all the yo and fancy stitches are on the RS and you always purl the WS. Let me know if you have more questions :) good luck !!


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