Anti-Autumn KAL with Pom Pom Quarterly

ANOTHER KAL! after the westknits KAL and the Niceandkni KAL, along came the pompom autumn KAL!

I was flicking through the pages of the pretty magazine PomPom issue 9 and found that this Ananas cosmosus by Sarah Garry had something nice and juicy about it. I decided to use only stash yarn and I refused to make my ananas, ananas colour! My ananas will be like a rainbow psychedelic Bromeliaceae that screams for light!


Stash yarn for Ananas comosus

I will use the rest of Break me down from Countess Ablaze, black, grey yarn. the exact same colour combinations than the Westknits lumpy space I knitted not long ago !  You can see in the picture above that the yarns have obvious different knitting gauge which will make the intarsia knitting challenging or maybe impossible …. We shall see ….


The back is finished and rearranged to fit perfectly (hopefully)

I have a confession to make: I don’t like singlet ! It is very hard for me to transition from long sleeves, mini sleeves to No sleeves. The transition from winter to summer comes always with a singlet moment. I start to wear it then I take it off, I wear it again and take it off then again and again and the final result always end up with me wearing  a t-shirt aaaah much better !!! why am I like that ??? maybe it is my winter white fluorescent arms all uncovered that make me uncomfortable….. Who knows….


The randomness of Break me down

BUT, I do wear singlet not very often, but I do. The aim of this project is to dismantle my dislike of singlet by wearing a handmade one, made with love! I think it will significantly change my relationship to singlets! If you want to see how ugly or pretty this little guy will be you should stay in touch :O)

Next on my list

–   Socks for my other half with the nature inspired yarn from Manos del Uruguay

–  Shawl for my maman she asked for Rockefeller by Stephen West: My aim is to use Australian yarn for it ! so Skein you are in for sure !!!

–  Another singlet !!! Parachutey from Stephen West it will be a mix of countess Ablaze crazy neon yarns and my favourite non-colour; black :)

–  Summer tunic  Unraveled by Svetlana Volkova using the yarn I ordered from Nice and knit using the lovely KAL gift voucher I won with cookies and cream

and finally

–  the ZigZag mesh pullover by Carolyn Noyes using Countess Ablaze ” How can anyone live without an occasional snack?”  part of the 12 caesars Collection (Claudius)

…… I should finish my Ananas right :)?!






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