Fibre lover portrait #2

Today, I had a conversation with my mother in law who is an outstanding knitter and sewer. Both in laws came to visit from beautiful New Zealand to see their little grand child. C was a stay at home mum for 8 years and when her third baby turned 5 she started part time work. For C, the knitting and sewing was a way to save money and provide nice clothes to her kids. Talking with her,  I realised that handmade brings out so many wonderful memories and smiles too.

When C was 13 she was baby sitting 3 kids and when the parents arrived they were listing the Goons on the radio and she was “payed” by small treasures such as purple handkerchief  (her favourite colour at the time), and years later they gave to C’s first child ( my husband) a hand sewn crocodile that my husband loved so much that C had to repair many many times.


Dear mother in law, how long have been knitting ? The first jersey I finished, I was 9 and it was for my younger brother for the knitters badge in brownies.

Who taught you? My mother and grand mother

What do you think about when you knit? Depends on the day (the father in law said “oh the poor cold sheep..!) and what I am knitting and for who. Everything and nothing sometimes I am talking and sometime I am in the world of my own.


Granny and my little M

What is your relation with the yarn/stash? I love variegated colours and natural fibres. If I want to knit something in white I will rather use acrylic so it stays white. I usually buy yarn when I have a project but if I find a beautiful yarn I will then create a project!

When do you knit? Usually evenings, wet days, or when socializing

Do you think that crocheting and knitting has a therapeutic effect? Yes definitely! it is relaxing and creative at the same time. Pleasure of seeing the finish article.

Are you proud when you finish something? Mostly! Seeing people wearing what I have made makes me happy.

Are you a selfish knitter/crocheter? Usually it is for others because I often don’t need anything but if I do need something I will knit it for myself.

Did you knit more in specific moment? Yes, in winter and when my kids were young. However, when my kids got bigger, they did not like wearing jerseys because they were itchy (the wool was not as good as todays wool ) so I ended up sewing polar fleece and knit fabrics. I now knit for grand children, grandniece and grandnephews.

What are your two favourite jerseys, the ones you wear often? The one I am wearing now, I love the colours. I love the fact that it is nice and long. I also love the pattern. Another jersey that loved was the one I knitted when I was 19, it was white and blue colours with fair isle yoke. I wore this jersey for years and years. I stopped wearing it when it did not fit. I still had it 30 years later, I recently gave it away to the cancer society for their fundraising shop day.


Variegated blues


details of the pattern and the beautiful knitting technic of C

Do you create patterns? Sometimes, When I’m combining a few patterns together.

Thanks C and Ruari for the lovely time with us !


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