Amigurumi Ivy for halloween

When Tales of twisted fibers called for testers for her new pattern, I jumped on the occasion! I was lucky to be chosen for the testing of Ivy.

I have to say that the pattern was Perfect and that there were not many things to fix really. I was so happy to make Ivy that I got carried away and made some mistakes! The colour I chose are not very halloweeny but my Ivy is nicely wicked. She is a protector of children, loves drinking tea with cornichon biscuit (Chon biscuit), and collects rabbits.


Ivy the pink hair little sorceress

The thing that is new for me in term of amigurumi is that Ivy is movable. The use of mini wire make the entire doll alive. The making of Ivy was not very complicated as the explanations were pretty straight forward. It uses very basic crochet technics. I used 4 colours (white, brown lavanda and pink) Loden from Grignasco and crochet hook 2.5 mm. Ivy is 10.5 inches high and pretty !


she has a little hat




She is very precious and you should crochet one for the coming 31st of October !!!!! the pattern for Ivy will be soon available on amigurumi patterns ! Also if you go on the her amazing blog you will find amazing free amigurumi pattern ! I am planning to make batman and super Ted!

A lot of work goes into making dolls and patterns so if using free or bought pattern always give a little thanks to the maker! Ivy pattern is on sale Here

Happy Amigurumi making !!





3 thoughts on “Amigurumi Ivy for halloween

  1. Thanks for such a lovely review, V! It was fun making Ivy and her friend Violet “come alive” as you say. The pattern testing phase was also a wonderful opportunity for me to meet and work with some really lovely folks like you. Thanks again for this post and for your help in testing this pattern. You’ve been amazing! :)

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