Westknits + Countess Ablaze = Parachutey

Yes another duo Westknits and Countess Ablaze (CA). I just love them both; the knitting designer and the yarn colour whisperer. Both Make me dream, make me happy!


strings of colours

Parachutey was a fast and fun knit and so very pretty and satisfying when finished. I use 2 CA colours Toxicity and Break me down, both are fingering weight yarn with amazing colours. Like many Westknits design the front and back are knitted together using salvage stitches. the border of the parachutey used the technique of I-cord which I have never used before.

Westknits parachutey

Salvage stitches

Front of parachutey Horsebike29

The front


knitting the back using the salvage stitches from the front



The finished object


the back :) darker than it really is


Parachutey dancing

I will make another one that is sure maybe with “I never promised a rose garden” maybe with something else. I love my Parachutey and I think that everyone should have a parachutey in their life :). It makes you feel light and happy.




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