Fibre lover portrait #3

Today, I am happy to introduce S from Tales of twisted fibers, the creator of Ivy, the clever crocheter behind the infamous free Batman pattern (visitors favourite pattern on Amigurumipatterns), the designer behind Foxy O’Neal  and Miss Kitty Catty  featured in the amazing pattern book Animals at work , the bee girl was top ten on the list of  fun features from dream to reality #69 on DIY dreamer web site.

Even though, I have never met S in person, discussing with her through emails, I could tell that she is indeed a passionate fibre crafter, she put a lot of work on putting patterns together. I worked with S on the Ivy pattern and I was very impressed on how thorough the explanations were (step by step pictures on tricky parts).  S has been crocheting for only 2.5 years and her work is outstanding and inspiring. I am happy to share with you her work and world!

Little warning: There is a PA content doll in this blog post !  so only grownups are allowed to click continue reading ! sorry guys!! 

©Tales of Twisted Fibers. All rights reserved.

How long have you been knitting/crocheting ? I picked up some basic knitting and pattern reading skills from my mom when I was around 12 just so I could make Jean Greenehowe’s knitted dolls. Then teen age happened and I stopped knitting. Crocheting came much later, about two and a half years ago.

Who taught you to crochet? The friendly neighborhood Google and some extremely generous crocheteers who post free tutorials and amigurumi patterns online and to whom I shall remain eternally grateful. Despite my mom’s several attempts to teach me, I never went anywhere near a crochet hook when I was a kid, a decision I would come to regret much later.

It was in February 2012 that I first stumbled upon amigurumi patterns online and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, I knew zilch about crocheting! Now you understand why I regretted not having taken up my mom’s offer to teach me this craft. So here’s what I did. I downloaded a couple of free amigurumi patterns, went through the patterns and made a note of all the stitches used. Then I looked up how-to videos on YouTube, learning how to make a magic ring, single crochet, and so on! That’s how I learned. My first attempt at making an amigurumi was a complete disaster and I have a blog post to prove it.

Batman Amigurumi by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Batman free pattern click here

What do you think about when you crochet? There’s no time to think because I’m always multi-tasking between crocheting, taking notes and taking photographs, which I can later convert into a readable pattern. Besides, thinking while crocheting would make me forget my stitch count [wink].

Mister Mojo_Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers (2)

Mister Mojo! (parental advisory explicit content)

What is your relation with the yarn/stash? I am a horrible yarn hoarder. Though I may not have any project in mind, I still buy bags full of yarn because I am certain I will need them some day! Being married to a guy who doesn’t mind going yarn shopping with me doesn’t help either. In fact, he encourages this habit, as strange as it may sound. The only line I draw while shopping for yarn is that it has to be cruelty-free and should not contain any animal fiber.

 Do you think that crocheting and knitting has a therapeutic effect? Absolutely. And here I’m only speaking for myself. I believe the mother of all things stressful and depressing is over thinking and over analyzing, which I am prone to. But when I’m too busy keeping count of the stitches, there’s no room for that. And at the end of the project, there’s always this sense of accomplishment. I can’t speak for others but I have found that crocheting and creating beautiful things helps me keep my sanity intact.

Little TED free pattern click here

 Are you proud when you finish something? Oh, yes! Proud as a punch. As soon as I finish making an amigurumi, I inflict my latest design on my husband, asking for his feedback and indirectly fishing for his compliments. Then I take a few photographs and keep texting them to my mom until she relents and gives me a virtual pat on the back. The next victims of my I’m-so-proud-of-what-I-made-I’ve- got-to show-you-this spree are the folks who read my blog or follow me on Twitter and Instagram. The end of a project always turns me into a huge show off!

 Are you a selfish crocheter? I guess it really depends on how you look at it. Most of what I make goes to the people I love. So I guess that should make me a not-selfish crocheter. But then, let’s be honest. When I’m “selflessly” giving away what I’ve spent numerous hours to create, do I secretly not expect praises for a job well done, which in turn boosts my confidence and gives me the juice to create more? So, does that make me selfish? Like in everything else, I guess there are two sides to a story here as well. Besides, I encourage people who use my free patterns to donate to Animal Nepal, a Kathmandu based animal rights and welfare organization that has been helping homeless and injured animals. So there’s definitely an ulterior motive here.

Did you crochet more in specific moment? I couldn’t say for sure because it’s all very erratic. There are times when I won’t put down my hook until my back starts screaming in pain because the ideas are coming in hard and fast. And then there are times when I won’t pick up the hook for weeks. It all depends on my frame of mind, how creative I’m feeling at that particular moment.

 Do you create patterns? Yes. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been designing and writing my own amigurumi patterns. My first design was a 6.5 inch doll named Amy, which I released as a free pattern in early 2013, a year after I picked up my first crochet hook. I was insanely proud of it. My next pattern was that of the Bee Girl, inspired by the main character in Blind Melon’s No Rain video. It was received so well by the crochet community, it gave me confidence to design more. To this day, it remains one of my favorite designs even though it is a very simple pattern.


The bee girl by Tales of twisted fibers

What is your inspiration when you create your pattern? Inspiration comes from all quarters. Movies, music, pop culture, and the shared love my husband and I have for animals, they all get my creative mojo going.

Thanks S for this amazing trip to your fibre world ! I loved working with you and look forward for another adventure ! Here is another supa cute free pattern for the coming Halloween: the little red Devil

Beach-Bunnies_Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers (2)


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