Skeinyarn + Curioushandmade = Pebble beach shawl

If you are looking for something quick, easy, and beautiful to knit as a christmas present then the Pebble beach shawl from curioushandmade is FOR YOU ! the shawl was finished in a week or so and I believe that some fast knitter can finish this beauty in less time than that.

I chose to knit pebble with a speckled dyed yarn from skeinyan (Teen Angus). I used skein BFL socks yarn, fingering weight (400m) . I preferred to used 4.5 mm needle size than a 4 mm to give more drape to the shawl, but this was a gamble… because the pattern called for 400 m  with a 4 mm needle so using my 4.5 mm may put me in the red in terms of  yarn availability …

I have to say that I was not sure how a speckled yarn and a lacy shawl will behave together ….  I always thought that a heavy decorated yarn should be married with a simple pattern and not a heavy decorated one like a lacy shawl! but the design of pebble has something simple about it so I gave this “strange” combination  a try.


there is something sweet about this shawl!

As the shawl was growing, the colours of the speckled yarn got alive and gave me the feeling of sweetness, cake and ice-cream!


I love these colours !


As I was knitting, I worried about not being able to finish the shawl… so I weigh the yarn and had an estimate of how much I have. According to my high-tech calculation I had enough…. Yes I did have enough for the shawl and the picot bind off.


From a ball of skein yarn rises a sweet pebble

I changed the picot bind off and used the *CO3 sts, (Knit 2 together (Back loop) place st back on left needle)x6* repeat from * to the end. It worked just fine !





Et VOILA ! the pretty sweet pebble ! I am in love with this shawl ! it is an easy pattern to follow, it is not a charted pattern, the pattern is step by step written table with the number sts given at each row. It is clear and perfect way for beginners to knit up a lacy finished object!


Who said that shawls are not cool!!

I am currently knitting another one with a british dyed yarn from Countess Ablaze !

I decided to make a hand dyed pebble map ! What do I mean by that! well, I would like to make one pebble from one hand dyed yarn from as many country as I can in the world !!!  I have Australia with Skeinyarn, I am currently working on The UK at the moment with Countess Ablaze so I missing …… a lot of countries! so if you have any recommendations ??? Please let me know :) !  

When knitting pebble I was inspired by the by the beautiful cake by Katherine Sabbath. You should follow this clever lady on Instagram, she will make you dream for colours and sweetness !


Sweet pebble inspired by Katherine Sabbath beautiful cake and chocolate


5 thoughts on “Skeinyarn + Curioushandmade = Pebble beach shawl

  1. I have that yarn and that pattern, but would have never mixed the two. Now I know it can be done :) Yours if stunningly beautiful.
    I love speckle dye yarn and have quite a small bunch of it. Still not sure if I will use one to make that shawl tho.
    thanks for sharing


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