Anti-Autumn KAL Pompom Quartely Finished

Autumn is over the north, but down south spring is upon us, so my Autumn KAL with  Pompom Quartely has a summery flavour ! I finished My ananas comosus singlet from issue 9  a while back and here are my little words and pictures! the colours I used for my ananas are a bit unusual ! Here some pictures !


Intarsia Ananas


The back of the Ananas (make sure you bring all the colour yarns to the edge of the Ananas to avoid holes, I made this mistake, that is why I have a the zigzag business on the edge) …)


I crocheted around the neck line to give a smoother finish


The finished ananas


The back


Voila the Ananas Comosus by Sarah Garry

One of the best part of Autumn is the fresh air, the falling leaves with golden shade and Halloween …. If we mix our spring/summer and want a feel of festive halloween, why not carving a Ananas Jack-O- Lantern :)! Have a look at this clever idea by A subtle revelry!!  Now my Ananas Comosus has some good potential for an Anti-autumn down under ! Don’t you think!!


Picture from Subtle Revelry


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