I left warm Australia for two weeks to visit my collaborator with who I learned so so much. My mum came to join me as always when I am overseas and we had  a great time together!


I love the autumn colours !

I took my addiction for knitting with me of course, so there I learned a new technique with my mum. Cable knitting! I had a simple and fast goal, which was to make a beanie “apple pie” from tincanknits. I chose a variegated yarn from malabrigo (merino worsted) ! when I saw this yarn at the lovely yarn shop Mind’s eye yarn on Porter square , I had to buy it !


look at these colours! salmon, green and deep red ! I love it

Yes, I know maybe not the first choice for cable knitting but the yarn was too pretty and I had already a concept in my head of what the beanie will look like.

I follow the pattern like a lonely road going through a desert, I did not go off track but I made many mistakes and I had to start over so many times. My patience was getting low and I wanted to go back to my comfort zone and continue making my bubble jersey creamsicle from pompom issue #9. My mum was telling me how silly I was and that I had to put my head in as it is actually not a hard thing to do. It is just different!

So I did….I put my head in and I made this little beanie!


Look at my little beanie !

My head stayed fluffy warm in the cold of Boston ! I made the pompom with the malabrigo merino worsted colour Apricot using a big spatula ! yes and it worked just fine ! I think the pompom has room to grow but aye small is cute right ?!

My quote about the relationship between a beanie and pompom:

——–   A beanie with no pompom is like a french macaroon with no ganache ——-


My apricot pompom on the top of variegated apple pie !

Otherwise with my apple pie screwed on my head and my mum on my side we went exploring Boston. Of course we strolled around the famous Harvard university and other part of Boston   we found some hidden treasures: the bees, the red truck, the trees, and halloween craziness  ….


A pretty honey spoon made in the US from cherry tree

I work with honey bees so every time there is something pretty link with the bees, I am in :)!  I found this pretty honey spoon and I also visited and bought some honey from Ghana from the pretty shop follow the honey . If you are in Boston, even for a short visit you have to visit this shop, you can try different type of honey coming from country like New Zealand , South America, Africa ….  and the owner is very lovely and talk about bees and honey with passion! I love meeting people like that !


The red truck Bon me ! the food is cheap and delicious !

I LOVE rice,  I am a rice addict, I have to have rice in my life otherwise I am just sad! When I saw the red truck with vietnamese cuisine and an option “rice bowl” and shredded coconut chicken I had to have it ! it was very very good, fresh and full of flavour! the rice was not the best based on my standard but my standard is high :) it is what happen when you have a passion for something :) !


Clever tree on harvard campus !

The trees and the colourful chairs on harvard campus were an attraction on their own! you just seat, observed, think and relax.


Batman dog waiting for ….

Everyone get dressed up, a week prior halloween people are walking around dressed as pumpkin or turtles and dogs also joined the party ( I am not sure that they totally agreed…)

Here it is, I had a lovely time in Boston and I know I will be back maybe sooner than I think and this time with my little family :)


I am not a fan of flags but I like this picture I took with my iPhone :)


4 thoughts on “Boston

  1. I am knitting after Bryony’s barbecue! I have just put my head around it and produced a k2p2 scarf for my Dad who will be 87 this month. How is your research going? Love your blog. Libby


    • Ah ! Yes! I am glad that you back with knitting :) my research is going ok it is hard to find funding at the moment so I am working on papers to improve my cv ! Take care xxx


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