Mysterious Westknits KAL + Madelinetosh = RAD

It is very mysterious so mysterious that you should not read any further if you want to knit exploration station from westknits and do not want to see what is behind clue 1 and 2 .

I chose madelinetosh merino tosh light for this KAL with 4 fingering weigh yarns, holi festival, farmhouse white, neon peach and cardinal. I can almost write a mini quote with the name of the yarns. It will give the soul of my future shawl I guess … :)

———————The neon peach was high up on the tree, it was therefore a perfect start for the holi festival  in the farmhouse white, the cardinal was pleased ———————————


From left to right: Farmhouse white, cardinal, holi festival and neon peach

Section 1 is a short row festival, you go and turn, then go and turn and you have some double yarn overs and then you go and turn. It is a very simple section, you keep following the short row until wedge 6 is accomplished.


Wedge 1, my colour A and B


Four wedges, two to go


Section 1 finished

Section 2, AH this section made my heart rate increased, Brioche is on the menu ! I have tried to knit syncopation adoration and I failed to make a descent brioche out for it ! it did not look promising…. but Westknits is a great guy so he made very cool video that explained all the different brioche techniques used in exploration station. However he is a continental knitter so it was a bit hard to follow when you are an english knitter. After a lot of close up observations and following the knitting yarn, I managed to translate to a language I know, the english style . I made two mini video on Brp and Brk on my instagram account.

here is what I have done so far :)


The rise of the Brioche


Brioche close up

ok I better finish clue 2 ! I am wondering what will be clue 3 …. Intarsia :) why not! it is an exploration station after all !

Happy knitting


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