Sweet lucky diner pillow

I signed up to the lucky dip club not long ago. The concept of  receiving a surprised little parcel each month with different lovely themes is just too tempting. The October box was the lucky Dinner box . It was  a homage to retro diners food: cheesy pizza, salty greasy hot dogs and sweet lovely donuts. The cheery on top of the knickerbocker glory was that you had a golden donut necklace ! you should have a look here to see how pretty it is !

In the box there was also  a beautiful knickerbocker glory tea towel. It was too pretty to be just a tea towel so I decided to make a pillow case out of it !


the lucky dip diner tea towel

The other option nicely suggested by Leona, the queen behind lucky dip club, is to frame your knickerbocker glory tea towel. I don’t mind the idea of framing at all and it is actually more straight forward than sewing a pillow case. But I wanted  something squishy, fluffy and warm, a sweet pillow !


You will need basic sewing stuff

You will need the knickerbocker glory tea towel, red cotton fabric (1X1 m You will have plenty), red sewing thread, sewing machine and scissors. That’s it !!!

My mini tutorial was inspired by a lovely french blog so if my explanations don’t make sense, you can always go there for extra help :) !

1) The red fabric  will have to be cut in two different size rectangles (43×33 cm and 48x43cm ) following the fabric grain. Also these size include extra cm for the sewing edges.


The pinning process


The sewing stage

2) Then follow my beautiful drawing ;). The knickerbocker glory is facing you, then you sew each rectangles as follow.


My note on the pillow making (note pad by Kikki)

3) When you are done with the sewing, you will have an inside out pillow case so just reverse back to the right way and Voila!! you made it!


Voila the finished product !

It would be also a very easy handmade christmas present and there is plenty of too pretty tea towel (dishtowel) in the world that can feed your imagination. My favourite ones from Anthropologie for example are: the geo sphere dishtowel, the cat commands and the perfect equation. See there is plenty of idea tucked in a simple tea towel (dishtowel) ! isn’t it !!!

Voili voilo pour aujourd’hui ! Have a lovely crafty weekend !


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