Exploration station with Westknits

I have knitted a few westknits designs now the Lumpy space, Parachutey, Syncopation addiction and now I have finished my exploration station. I learned a lot during this KAL and more importantly I have fallen in love with Brioche knitting ! It is the best canvas stitch for beautiful yarn!

Madelinetosh fingering weight was used and my choice of colours was not my habitual one. I did not follow my habit and left my comfy black for neon peach ! as you can imagine, it was a pretty significant change ! I felt almost uncomfortable at first …. like I was lying to myself … very strange but as the shawl grew, the colours were also growing on me and my feeling changed. As the lovely ravelerier Theopup said “it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream with a hint of tutti frutti. Lovely!”  I had to use her words as it described perfectly the sweetness of the shawl in these colours!

You have to know that Neon peach is bright, so bright that I am pretty sure it will glow under dark light ! I think that it is brighter than edison bulb!  All the colours I chose were not solid colours and I think that non-solid colours give another dimension to a knitted garment.

I should stop babbling away and let the pictures speaking for themselves don’t you think ?!



Knitting away and wearing my cookies and cream by Ruth Green


Last section of clue 3 had a crash with la voiture Blue de mon fils !


Binding off !


My helpers ! Blocking is always a family business :)



I used 4.5 mm needle by mistake so my shawl is big and embraces air molecules very easily :)


Neon peach is not solid there are intricate orange pink changes in it ! very hard to capture in a photo


Trimming the beast with my favourite thread snips from fringe supply co


Et Voila my lovely exploration station !

I have to say that there are pretty amazing and inspiring exploration stations out there and they have all something to say! have a look on lookergram #westknitskal2014 if you don’t believe me or ravelry 

I hope that I have convinced you to explore the westknits station! don’t let the brioche dictate you, she is just a brioche after all and you are the one with the needles ! :) and if you have no idea how to chose your 4 colours, Westknits has made available some pretty KAL sets here 

Happy start of the best month of the year ! We are off to NZ to ride, to enjoy friends and family but also to knit a bit of course !

Take care






4 thoughts on “Exploration station with Westknits

  1. Your shawl is stunning ! congrats
    I’ve got one question for you : Stephen West asks for sock yard and needle 4. What needle size did you use ? I am afraid size 4 is a bit big for sock yarn, I woul have expected 2 – 2,5.
    What do you think ?


    • Thanks !! I used bigger needles ! 4.5 mm he asked to use big needle so your shawl is fluid snd as a move in it . If you use smaller needles your shawl will be not as fluide. If you are worried and knit tightly use 3.5 mm but i would not use smaller needle. I hope this help :)!


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