New Zealand mon amour

For the festive time we headed over New Zealand, the land on which my husband was born. New Zealand is fresh and lush, it is a country where the air tickles your nose for adventure, laughter and great coffee!


Gisborne is going to cry very soon !

Our son turned 2 and this little man is already half my size …with his copper hear, running in shorts and gum boots pushing a heavy vintage doll pram in the rain, he was so concentrated. I am so proud to have him in our life! I am not going to lie it is not always easy but the great times are so high off the chart that it hides, over powers all the challenging times! I am glad we have his smile!


Our son doing his workout and his coach maman

We had a hard time during 2014 in term of health in our family, I am hoping that the end of this crazy time is not far. I am hoping that no more crappy things are coming, I am happy and ready to say CIAO to 2014.  During this hard time I drowned and surrounded myself in knitting, in the colours of the yarn and the people around the thread. I know without doubt that knitting helps you to smile and survive the hard periods of your life. It is a world for me in which my brain is set free and feels good. Knitting brought me back from the edge of depression many times.


Look what I found in my mother in law garage ! maybe it is a sign .. ;)


Manuka green trunk, look at these colours!! it almost makes me think of republic of wool, grasshopper, that I just bought


Manuka flowers, honey bee love them and it makes an amazing honey with a smoky flavour !


Fat and fluffy NZ bumble bee ! with its proboscis out ready to suck the goodness :)


The rain with the flowers


Love these colours !


Pretty cabbage in the rain

To keep up with my knitting finger exercises, I have been working on the loop from Casapinka KAL with Skeinyarn, the pattern is quite easy to memorised, the tension is hard to get right so do not stop this project for a too long period of time otherwise your tension memory will be affected! :)


Tea in my footrot flats mug and caramel loop ! everything is just perfect don’t you think?


Details of the loop I have only 5 loops to go ! but the stitch number increases significantly and the speed decrease drastically. You know this inverse relationship …

This is all for now ! I hope you are having a great start in your December and that your advent calendar is spoiling you ;)

Bonne nuit ! fais de beaux rêves ou alors passe une super journée :)

Good nigh! have sweet dreams or have a lovely day :)



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