Purlbee + Elfin hats = 100% cuteness

The Purl bee by Purl Soho is like a magic space and beautiful piece of creativity inspiring on the internet, I wish I were in NY just so I can visit the shop in flesh. When they realeased the free pattern elfin hat pattern, I knew that it will be on my double pointed ninja needle very quickly, which it did !



The yarn used for this elfin hat were both from Malabrigo;  Apricot and Noviembre. Noviembre is variegated but has some apricot twist into it so both yarn look great together !

The technic is called twined knitting which I have never done before and to be honest it is not very difficult. The first row is the “tangling row”, both strands are dancing around each other, so you have to push them gently away from you to keep on knitting easily. Then there is an untangling row which unwind the pretty twist from the previous row !


The tangling row

I decided to make the hat a bit taller so I added some extra rows. :0) it was a very quick knit and as you can see the finish object is quite satisfying !


I did not use the circular needle and used only my 5mm DPN which worked just fine !


Close up


The twisting gives a nice and fluffy thickness to the hat


My model was not very keen on staying still for the picture so I used a docile pretty chair instead ;)


It is not only a hat, it can be an original and simplistic Christmas tree. The top has to be bind off and the ends weaved in, DONE !

And on top of the gluten free cake you have 2 hats in one ! and if you roll up the bottom you can almost have 2.5 different hats! how cool is that ! My niece will be a cute apricot elfin and her little ears will be all warm and fluffy! I shall send this little guy to France very soon !


Have a lovely holiday, enjoy each moment like they are your last and smile a lot!

Now lets go and twist !

Love  XX



2 thoughts on “Purlbee + Elfin hats = 100% cuteness

  1. What a lovely work of art. Handmade knitted and crochet items just thrill me. Needles and yarn are capable of so much. Happy Holidays 🎄


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