Bonjour 2015

2014 is gone and to be honest I am glad it is :0) I am ready for a new year of learning, creating and sharing. The reality is that we live but one day we go and the “we go” is not as great as we live. So instead of being stuck in blackness and negativity, it is better to make life a fun ride ! right?! follow the thread and knit the happiness up !


Beautiful illustration by Dan Page

So for 2015, I would like to finish what I started, the crazy projects at work as well as the knitting ones. So my knitting list for 2015 is:

The jubilee throw by Kaffe Fassett: 7 squares finished, I have many more to go. I will try my best to finish this crazy throw this year. It will be a great accomplishment if at least all the squares are knitted ! then the big work to put them all together !


This is where I stopped ! so this is were I will start again soon

Creamsicle from pompom: In pompom issue 9, creamsicle is a cardigan, I am not too keen on cardigan unless they are huge (too lazy to knit myself one ;)) so I decided to make a jersey instead. I am using a variegated yarn from countess ablaze. It gives an interesting twist to this textural jersey. The front is finished and the back not far behind, two long sleeves and it will be soon done.


Countess ablaze “How can anyone live without an occasional snack”

And now what about the new projects, I have 71 projects in my ravelry queue and I do not think that I will be able to finish or even start them all :)

Westknits projects: They will be a few, as Westknits keeps making beautiful and not boring knitting challenges ! I will always follow the westknits road :)! He pushed a good proportion of us to learn to brioche! and I love it now that I understand how it works (best to learn brioche is to do the syncopation adoration which is a free pattern!).


Syncopation adoration in progress (finished syncopation here) with my favourite tote from fringe supply in the background

I will make: an exploration station for my mum using 100% Skein, a clever Australian dyer. A small vertices unite for me using the yarn I bought from New Zealand, Zealana (Kiwi and Kauri) and another parachutey,  a skews me and Rockefeller.


beautiful Zealana yarn from Holland road yarn shop

First cable jumper with Ondawa: It will be in a rusty red from berroco yarn 

The dot shawl from casapinka: I won a free pattern from participating to the Skein/casapinka loop shawl ! so I will make this little one with a beautiful yarn I bought from republic of wool 

and maybe another pebble shawl or two ;)

Happy start to 2015 ! create and laugh a lot !!





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