A loop coffee caramel

I am back to normality, back to Australia, back in our house, back to our comfort zone. The heat in Australia is not as inspiring as the colder weather of New Zealand. It is very hard to knit when 36 degrees is knocking on your windows and that the wind has decided to go on holiday somewhere else. As I am very addicted, the heat did not stop me to cast on and finish some projects :) and finally to block the little Loop caramel coffee.

Loop by Casapinka is a pretty straight forward pattern, well explained and cleverly designed ! If you want to show off your favourite yarn then that is a vey good canvas!

My loop is made of caramel and moonshine from SKEIN. It is sweet to look at, soft to touch and  warm to wear. It is one of these design that you will be happy to knit again and again. This loop was a present for my great friend C. I was not sure about the colours but she loved it !

I was very lucky to win a free casapinka  pattern from being part of skein KAL ! I chose the dot shawl so from loop to dot I will follow the road to casapinka !

Here is my mini instagram diary of loop caramel coffee:

photo 1

The tension during the loop row is critical!

photo 1

The sprouting little shawl

photo 2

The beast finished before blocking

photo 2

Blocking the beast

photo 3

Trimming the beast

photo 4

The beast blocked showing off its splendour with an attractive simplicity

Voila ! loopy loop caramel coffee around your neck will bring only happiness to its wearer! So C happy happiness around your neck, may it be the best loop ahead ! so when are you starting your own loopy loop? you have to have loopiness in your life right!? so loop yourself a loop :)

Next on the Knitting list is another pebble from curious handmade using republic of wool yarn that as a green like lichens on tree trunk :) and creamsicle from pompom quarterly that is almost alive, only one sleeve to go :)!

Take care



4 thoughts on “A loop coffee caramel

  1. Hi, I really, really love your version of this shawl!
    Just one question: did you carry the contrast color up the side? I am not quite able to check this on your photo, but it looks as if the yarn was cut after each loop stitch section.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Moni ! I did not cut the yarn after the loop row but I carried the contrast colour on the side with a looser tension. To knit the shawl I used at least 3 different tensions …, I guess that is the difficulty of this pattern :) are you making one ? Are you on ravelry ?


      • I am planning to make one during a KAL in my favourite rav group during summer. Although .. this might collide with the tour de fleece. But as this pattern is so beautiful I will make one anyway. (My stash needs to shrink anyway)

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