Creamsicle de pompom quarterly revisited

Voila! Creamsicle as a jumper! it is finished and I love it ! J’adore le petit look de ce petit pull de couleurs inhabituelles !!!

The original pattern from issue 9 of Pompom Quarterly by Sarah Hurwitz was written for the making of a cardigan. There is nothing wrong with the cardigan at all. The only reason for the mini change was that  I am not a small cardigan kind of girl.  I went wild on the yarn choice as I used a variegated yarn from one of my favourite yarn dyer the one and only Countess Ablaze. The soul of the jumper which is for me the yarn, is called “How can anyone can live without an occasional snack” it was part of the 12 caesar collection.

It turns out that bubbles and variegated yarn are not bad friend after all. It is true that it takes the volume away from the bubble, but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. It actually give a dimension to the jumper, like something sparkling, the jumper change as you move. I like this dynamic.


Planet bubbles

It is also colourful very colourful and we need colours in our life. I love black I was everything black for a long time and now things are changing. I am more willing to explore the world of colours.


the greens are amazing

The bubbles are not very hard to knit. They look a bit scary but they are soft and gentle to knit. It takes more time than the normal jersey knitting for sure. the trick for nice looking bubbles is, I think, the tension (again). You have to be a bit hard on the last stitches that finish the bubble because if you are too soft your bubble will not be nice and plump.


Looking down my feet, the bubbles are smiling to me :)


You see how the variegated yarn give a 3 dimension “sparkling ” effect to the jumper ! the pretty coffee cup is from EndEceramics . I share because I love not because I have to !!


Reflection, another light effect with more “golden” colours now

Donc ce petit trésor de pull va être mon ami pour le doux hiver Australien !

So this little treasure will be my little friend for the soft Australian winter !


voili voilo ! le petit pull de bulles !

Ciao my friends ! The next post would be all about Askews me from Westknits :)



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