Askews me, do you like Brioche?

Brioche, dear brioche if Stephen West did not whispered your name through his creation I would have never meet you. I would have lived a life without knowing how you play with the colours, how clever and warm you are. So thanks Westknits.

Brioche knitting is different than normal knitting, the big differences are that you knit twice the same row and that you do a lot of yarn overs. It took me a bit of practice and false  starts before I felt comfortable with brioche. The truth is that when you start understanding the technique, it gets very addictive because it is an amazing way to play with colours or showing off your favourite yarn !

Nancy Marchant , the queen of brioche has a very nice class on craftsy (currently on sale) and it is worth every penny if you really want to learn the technique.


Where is my mistake? can you see it :)

So Askews me is a bit more complicated than Syncoptation adoration as it has a line with increases and decreases which gives the hat an asymmetric look, a twist, and something different. I used stash yarns from Manos del uruguay, Countess Ablaze and Madelinetosh.


The twist frontier

I also cast on my two colours on two needles (the cast on has to be very lose otherwise you will not be able to put the hat on your head, true story). I also used the alternative two colours long tail cast on, and not the one explained in the pattern. The pattern advised to knit in a round for 28 cm ! it is very long and I did not think that it needed to be that long but it does. Wesknits knows the best and the 28 cm is not a mistake. if your hat is too short, the beautiful twist will be not as obvious anymore and it will be sad.


my beautiful mum modelling her present from me


The crazy pompom

I made the pompom using my hand and I went very crazy, I did not think about anything and I did not trim it so Voila how wildness in a pompom looks like :) ! I am sure that it can be wilder.


Slouchy brioche


Grand mère et son petit fils :) et bien sure le chapeau


One way of wearing Askews me. There is many many other ways


Voili voilo


My son and the hat

Askews me is back on my long list of projects as I gave this one to my lovely mum :). I am also quite excited to share the one of the best patterns for project bags from the clever very Shannon. The project bag patterns are free too. For the origami bento bag, I used a fabric from Bora that was meant to be used to make super cute plushes. I bought the fabric here. For the second little bag, I used a mixture of fabric that I have in my fabric stash.

Both bags are now under my mum control and one is holding preciously her current Stephen West project Barndom 


Bora fabric in two different bags, yarns need cute mini “houses” right?

I will be making more project bags for friends and myself of course. I think that I will be running a giveway soon with an Australian inspired bento bag on the line ! :) so more soon!

Take care






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