The daydreamer award

Who does not daydream ?? I certainly do. Sometime it is about work ( I know, it is weird but I really LOVE my job) sometime it is about pretty things, knitting project, impossible creations and design, I also day dream about fabric, Lego, Minecraft, vintage my little pony…. the list is long I am a real daydreamer. The thing is that when I am in  this parallel world I can still function at almost 50% which is quite useful as I can still have an almost normal social life :).


Hopscotch looking at my hedgehog fibres lace weight yarn, isn’t she pretty :)?

My little blog has been nominated by blogcreatifa for the daydreamer award and I am very happy that she has shared this award with me! it is a sweet feeling ! so thanks again! You made me smile!

image The award has been created by Caitlin: This little blue cloud is spreading like a pretty fluffy dream with a lot a positive notes. I love the idea! so the challenge set by blogcreatifa is :

“Write a poem about what inspired you to start your blog or what motivates you to keep blogging. It doesn’t have to ryhme – I’m not that mean!”

This is not a poem but 4 sentences that dance without pretension and with the strong conviction of being free of pretty construction but only proud of being truly what they are, bold and true to themselves

Pictures with colours, soul and smiles build my love for blogging Like a jogging on the wild internet, comet of information, it allows me to free my mind  Sharing it with you make me light and fluffy and if my words or pictures made your face happy it will be like a cherry on the top a gluten free cake  I give words and pictures without expectation my blog is like a giant bookmark of things that I truly love 

The blogs I nominate are:

Queliodehilo: Because she takes amazing pictures, make lovely wooly thing. I unfortunately don’t understand everything in her blog BUT  it is a true inspiration to have my spanish back

Tricobession: True and vibrant little blog. It is a blog that always make me happy

The tales of twisted fibers: We worked together she makes pretty amazing thing with a crochet hook and she is lovely !

My challenge is …..I have no idea …….wait …………MmmmmMmmm…………………..What is something that people would not suspect about you? For example for me I am quite petite so people do not expect me to ride mountain bike like a maniac :) and I do :)

Now here are some pictures of our world with artefacts of daydreaming moment of our life


The injured dinosaur hiding in my son shoe


The knitting russian mouse


yarns are part of our world their texture their colours


The wall of things there is even a “a hole to see the sky through” (YOKO ONO)


It does make sense to have a mini collection of Kokeshi dolls with the lego ninja women


mini figure, my mini obsession…. too long to explain but I love LEGO

May the power of daydreaming is with you!!!! love XXXX


2 thoughts on “The daydreamer award

  1. Your poem perfectly describes your blog. I know you said it’s not a poem, but it certainly sounds poetic to me.
    And, I thought I was the only one who dreams about Lego and Minecraft (possibly for different reasons than you do).
    Thank you for completing the challenge 😊

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  2. Joli monde ! Si esthétique , si ouvert sur les autres cultures et tellement riche . Si chacun pouvait ouvrir ses yeux intérieurs je crois que le monde irait mieux. Créer de ses mains de belles choses est sans doute la plénitude de l’esprit en tous cas le début de la plénitude et de la sérénité.

    Liked by 1 person

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