The story of a little giveaway

I organised a mini giveaway at the end of February and I was meant to tell everyone who was the lucky winner on the 6th of March, so 8 days later I am finally writing the mini story of the little giveaway. First I would like to say thank you to all of you who left lovely comments on both my instagram and my little blog . THANKS :)!!!!!

photo 1

I have been, as I already said in my previous post, very obsessed by bento bag lately so I was franticly making many of them testing different patterns and techniques.

Organising the giveaway was not very hard, my only fear was that nobody would be interested…. which it was not the case as I had a total of 21 persons who entered the giveaway. At the end of the day 21 is not that many for massive blogging stars but I am far from being a blogging star and to be honest it is not an aim in my life :) I just love to share without expectation :) and wait you will see how the giveaway made me HAPPY! I gaveaway something but it came back to me in another way ! I loved it :)

photo 3SO ! after a week, I collected all the names ( people who made comments on my blog and instagram had double entries). I carefully wrote by hand all the names and put the little papers in a mini bento bag that my mum was holding when my two year old son was picking one little piece of paper with a name on it. I know it is a pretty old fashion way of doing things but it was a neutral and fair competition.

photo 1

Little bento bag with all the names

photo 2

My son taking a little piece of paper with the name of the winner

photo 4

The winner! with spelling mistakes and a blur effect :)

photo 4

The little parcel with MM gift tag on the way the a lucky girl !

The winner was Thatgirlwhocrochets ! it was a pleasure to send the little bento bag to T . That way I discovered a new blog,  a new and lovely fibre lover ! She took amazing pictures of the little guy and just that made my heart very very happy, as I could see how  genuinely happy she was so THanks, thanks!!! You should check out her beautiful work with a crochet hook! she definitely knows how to put colours all together to give an overall WOW effect to any crochet projects! she even have a tutorial on how to dye your wool with food colouring !

photo 5

The little guy in its new home ! regramed picture from thatgirlwhocrochets

VOILA !!!! you know everything about what had happened behind the scene ;)

I will put together another bento bag giveaway soon so you will have another chance to win a little guy too :) so keep an eye on this little blog and/or my instagram 

Take care and have a lovely day or night ;0)



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