Republic of Wool + Curious Handmade = Grasshopper

A beautiful Grasshopper in fingering weight from Republic of wool, beautiful greens, beautiful texture and a delight to knit with. Another pebble beach shawl knitted, using another hand dyed yarn, this shawl has to be added to my collection of hand dyed pebble. I am traveling around the world  through the making of the pebble shawl following a hand dyed trail. I went to the UK with the phoenix pebble made of Countess Ablaze goodness, I went to Australia with sweet pebble made of Skeinyarn and now I went to the USA with Republic of Wool and all this travel was through seeing and knitting the colours of a thread of yarn. I guess that was a cheap way of travelling :)


The colours remind me of the lichen on a Manuka tree from New Zealand


Mint and chocolate


My son playing with the beautiful packaging from Elke Kramer jewellery pretending to eat an ice cream ….


and the bite … :)

I added a different edge for the picot bind off because I think that it enhanced the colour of grasshopper.  I also added some rows in the first section of the pattern ( when row 68 was finished, I knitted row 61 to 68 once more) and some in the second section (when row 88 was finished, I knitted row 81 to 88 once more). It will give you a longer and bigger pebble (make sure that you have more yarn than the one recommended in the pattern).


Like a baby fern




Voila !

Ok so if you are a fan of pink, you should have a look at sugar shack in DK weight it would make a beautiful, BIG and almost eatable pebble shawl !!!! too much temptation….. First, I have to finish my Penguono from the one and only Stephen Wests (Westknits) ! but nothing stop you to make a pebble out of  a sweet almost eatable yarn :) if you do, please pretty please let me know ! That is all for today ! Keep your needles busy xxx


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