When maman knits

When my mum came to visit, we had some great knitting time together. My mum is an amazing and fast knitter. she loves perfection and I have to say that my threshold for perfection is not as high as hers. When she stayed with us, she knitted 2.5 shawls (one pebble beach shawl from curious handmade,  barndom from westknits, started rock island from Jared Flood) and a mini parachutey for my son! Here is her knitting adventure in pictures!


The yellow is Bike Bell exclusive colour from Hedgehog fibres fibres for Stephen + Penelope, the edge is break me down from Countess Ablaze


Details of the Pebble beach shawl


This is the Bike bell pebble and me (iPhone picture)


Maman knitting Barndom that she offered to me :) the beautiful ring she is wearing is from Elke Kramer


Barndom growing yarns : cosmic wonder dust, Maple leave from Madelinetosh the third colours is from Morris and sons


Barndom completed


My mum and her completed Barndom (not blocked yet) This picture is the picture that received the most love on my instagram so far :)


The making of little parachutey ! we worked together on that one as we changed the size to fit a little boy :)


Little parachutey finished !


My mum knitting another project, this one from Jared Flood Rock island in hedgehog fibres a lace club colour


The first section of Rock Island


Then because my mum is the coolest she went to a workshop with Stephen West held at L’OisiveThé, Paris. Here is the salvage edge master, the neon king and topographic knitter: Stephen West wearing parachutey and  Dustland Hat


My super mum wearing Penguono with the famous West :)

Voila this is my mum’s fibre adventure when she was with us ! she is a very busy nana as you can see. She is a very inspiring women not only because she is my mum but also because she has a very nice philosophy about ageing, trust what you can do, challenge yourself always and never give up…..  she is a fighter. My mother in law is also an outstanding woman, they are both knitter and fibre artist and they are both strong like steel mentally and physically. I am surrounded by inspiration !!!

Otherwise, It is the Easter long weekend and the weather has been pretty average in Sydney, so I decided to make a mini house for my sewing machine after reading issue 49 of Mollie Makes. It is quite tricky but I love the almost finish product. Happy holiday :) xxx


Earn your strips by Mandy Pellegrin (patchwork machine cover) my first ever patchwork :)!!if you are not interested in a sewing machine cover you can always make yourself a pretty tote bag with this free tutorial from Mandy


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