Community and interaction

I love blogging without expectation and I will share only passion. The other important part of blogging to me is the great feeling of snuggling into a mini space, a virtual one, where I am happy and free. I love taking pictures so dressing my pictures with words is just the cheery on the top of a gluten free cake :). So when I came across  the  love your blog challenge created by A playful day, I thought that it was a great idea therefore I decided to join the thread of love


Aplayfulday Challenge


Hi my name is V and I love blogging about my love for wool, yarn and knitting

The inspirational topic for the start of the challenge is community and interaction. It is hard to feel in a community when you are alone writing away in front of your computer. But the truth is that since I started blogging, I realised how much I did not know… about so many aspects of craft, life and other million stories. I discovered a world of extremely talented people sharing so much information about knitting, wool, dyeing, spinning that I felt overwhelmed by it. I had to focus myself as otherwise I was going to pop in several parts that would scatter across the internet and that way I would not achieve anything. So when I came back into one piece :), I realised that there is a huge community of knitters out there, sharing their love for crafts and my passion for knitting enhanced by 10 fold:

– I discovered amazing techniques such as the Brioche, provisional CO via youtube, craftsy, instagram and of course Ravelry. People share their projects and this alone sprout little or big inspiration. I discovered Fasett‘s beautiful work and rowan via Ravelry and I started the jubilee throw that way and seeing finished jubilee is just very inspiring. I discovered Nancy Marchant (I recently bought her book knitting fresh brioche) thanks to @juldubx for inspiring me :)!


This beautiful shawl sprouting pushed me to buy the Nancy’s book and had inspired me to make more crazy brioche !! Thanks Julbudx! (PHOTO BY Juldubx)

– What about KAL (knit along)?? they are the most amazing things to do, you are in a big group of people,  from different places of the world and we all knit the same pattern ! How cool is that ! I have now some knitting friends from all over the world who I never meet in person but with who I share knitting struggles with embarrassing pictures or knitting accomplishment! I am currently in a KAL on a  westknits pattern; Penguono on instagram with a bunch of rad ladies @juldubx, depuisquelletricote aka @nappyknitter,  labarbichette aka @alessiaammendola This is what I have done so far :) IMG_6119 IMG_6132 image_medium2 So what about you ?? what is your take on community and interaction? would you like to join the force of crafting then come with us, we need you :)


Beautiful print from GUSLER design


15 thoughts on “Community and interaction

  1. Thank you for featuring my picture !
    I started instagraming in December after attending Stephen West’s class at L’Oisivethé and I had no idea it would be the beginning of virtual friendships ! I’m really happy I get to share my knitting addiction with people from all around the world, and I hope I’ll get to meet some of thses people for real one of these days !
    May the power of brioche be with you !!

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  2. Gorgeous photos and work! That brioche book looks amazing. I found your blog through the Love Your Blog challenge. Really like your approach of blogging without expectation and sharing your passion.

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