Fiber lover portait #4

Hello everyone ! It has been a long time, life caught me and squeezed me hard, I recovered and now here I am. today, I want to present you a new, noteworthy, talented knitter who I encounter on the famous ravelry, Clare Divine aka Knitsforklipskaap. Clare is a bright lady with a handful of beautiful patterns under her sleeve. She lives her passion of the thread 100% and you can read her wise words and see her beautiful blog here. I was lucky to snatch a bit of her time with my little questionnaire and here is a mini trip into the knitted life of Clare. I hope you will enjoy the voyage as much as I did. How long have been knitting/crocheting ? I have been knitting for five years now, although I must admit it feels like I have always been a knitter. I am not entirely sure what I used to do with my time before I had “sticks and string” in my hands.

Cute pattern by Clair, Phalanges, Copyright by Clair Divine

Very cute pattern by Clare, Phalanges, Copyright by Clare Divine

Who taught you? I pretty much taught myself. I did do some knitting when I was a child but not very much at all. I started knitting when I was travelling so I just used you-tube and books from the library and I was off. I am very much a self-taught knitter.

Slipt by Clare Devine

Here is Slipt design by Clare Devine, Copyright by Clare Divine. If I was good enough I would definitely make one of these !

What do you think about when you knit? It really depends on what I am knitting, sometimes all I can think about is the knitting maths and construction, although that is usually when I am knitting something complicated or working on a new design. Most of the time I like to let my mind wander, personal knitting is my time for unwinding and thinking. I also watch movies or TV when I am knitting or listen to podcasts, depending on the time of day (my husband, strangely enough isn’t a fan of knitting podcasts, so if it is late in the evening we might watch something on the TV together).


Skua by Clare Divine, Copyright The Knitter (issue 84)| Jesse Wilde

What is your relation with the yarn/stash? I love the feel of yarn running through my fingers. Wool makes me happy, I am interested in the journey the wool has taken to get me, and am become more and more interested in breeds and the process of creating yarn. I love my stash but sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. I think it is because I have lots of design work on at the moment so my personal stash, although loved, is largely packed away and there is limited chance to work with it. Sometimes I feel like I have far too much yarn and I need to liberate some of these gorgeous skeins so they can be knitted with. I recently had a clear out and donated a lot of yarn to a friend, it makes me happy knowing it will be knitted with.

Processed with Moldiv

Kunye by Clare Divine, look at the details of this simple yet sofisticated shawl, copyright by Clare Divine

When do you knit? I knit a lot, as while knitting is my passion it is also my job. I always knit at night and depending on what I am working on I might also knit all day, every day (this is especially relevant near a big deadline). That said though there is a lot of non-knitting work that comes with the life of a freelancer in the knitting industry so I do spend a great deal of time in front of my laptop too.

Do you think that crocheting and knitting has a therapeutic effect? I definitely do, it is calming and I often find myself taking solace in the stitches on my needles. That said, knitting deadlines are very stressful so sometimes I have a love hate relationship with my knitting, especially if I am up against it with a big deadline.

Are you proud when you finish something? Usually I am. I am a firm believe in the ‘frog pond’ so if something is not right I will usually rip back and fix or alter the thing that is bothering me. I am very much a process knitter these days, I love the finished item but I really enjoy the journey to get there too.

Are you a selfish knitter/crocheter? I suppose it depends how you define this. I probably used to be far more of a “me knitter”, in that I knitted things I wanted to make and usually kept them to wear myself. These days the vast majority of my knitting is design and sample work so things have changed since the early days.

Did you knit more in specific moment of your life? In the last five years I have knitted constantly, yarn and needles have been my constant companion and I do not see that changing very soon.

What are your two favourite jerseys, the ones you wear often?  I am working on my hand knit jersey collection as I don’t have many. I have worn my Common Ground cardigan a lot this winter as it is warm and cozy. I think my most worn knits are socks (hand knit socks are awesome) and shawls, I love my Stripe Study by Veera Välimäki, and my Rock Island by Jared Flood. The Northmavine Hap by Kate Davies gets a fair bit of wear too.


Study Stripe knitted by Clare Divine and design by Veera Välimäki, copyright by Clare Divine


Rock Island knitted by Clare, design by Jared Flood, Copyright by Clare Divine

Northmavine knitted by Clare Divine pattern from Kate Davis, Copyright by Clare Divine

Northmavine knitted by Clare Divine pattern from Kate Davis, Copyright by Clare Divine

Do you create patterns? I do, and I enjoy that work immensely. I am very fortunate to have carved out a freelance role for myself in the knitting community. I had planned to go back to a more traditional style ‘job’ once my little girl was one but at the moment this style of life is working well for me. I find the creativity hugely rewarding and I love working in this sector, the community is fantastic and there is so much inspiring work that I can’t help but want to be part of it.


Snell design by Clare Divine, copyright by Clare divine

I have chosen to finish this little interview with Clare with one of her design Snell, it is, I think a perfect canvas for your beautiful yarns. Don’t you think ?? so when are you casting on one ? I hope you have enjoyed this little trip in the world of Clare and her beautiful creations! she has seeded some great inspiration into me ! Take care my friend as life is precious! xxxx


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