But are you mortal or goddess?

If you have to chose between being mortal or goddess, what would you chose?

I am not sure…. I think I would chose mortal,  just so I live the day like my last one …It is so easy to say but so hard to do…and what about you?

Countess Ablaze new collection, The Odyssey Trail, the colours are, as usual, outstanding. When I saw “but are you mortal or goddess” in DK, my little crush on pink was singing to my ears buy my please buy me!  I know that the yarns from this collection will never be repeated. So I had to buy it, right?  so I did :) and I had a perfect pattern on my queue on Ravelry. It was made for the yarn or the yarn for it. The perfect relationship.

I bought this loveliness to make the Dustland hat from Westknits. I used my DPNs only and it worked just fine. I made the size medium to have a very slouchy hat so I can fold my long hair in if I want too.

Follow the trail of the Odyssey with the Dustland hat:

photo 2

First I ordered my little beauty and that day I received 3 parcels !! one was from the Countess of course, and another one from my coffee fix subscription with 3000thieves and finally my books (Nancy marchant knitting fresh brioche :)) and The day of the triffids (excellent book btw)

photo 1

look at this beauty :)

photo 3

Westknits book two was given to me by my lovely mum  :) so many great patterns in this book …

photo 4

I am quite clumsy with DPNs as I am not use to use them at all but I am improving slowly


Here are the details of the top of the hat


photo 5

Here is the finish product ! I love everything about it; the colours, the shape, the textures, the warmness

Voili, voilo the little westknits hat ! I love love the yarn and the hat.  Together they sing like a soft and sweet song saying wear me all the time … 

That is all for today ! If you decide to make something  using an Odyssey trail collection yarn from CA.  You would be please to know that there is a super nice KAL with the Countess on ravelry (the KAL run from the 1st of April to the 1st of Jun) with some prizes on the trail !!!so what are you waiting for  ;0)

take care my friend !







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