Penguono by Westknits

Another great design by Monsieur West! The knitting of penguono is an adventure. you follow a well put together instruction and you create something truly unique. The colour play  is endless. You can make a mysterious penguono with some grey and black, a crazy bright one or a earthy one …. endless colour combinations that can suite any soul.


The top of the shoulders


The top of the shoulder (pink rectangle) is the only piece that is free knitted as all the other pieces are made by following picked up stitches

I play with my penguono, I used different texture yarn mohair, wool and cashmere. Most of my yarn was from my stash. I also made intarsia marble pattern on both sides which give something ethnict to my penguono.


Intarsia marble


The little penguono is taking shape slowly


I have no idea how many stitches I had for the I-cord bind off….a lot I used my longest cable plus some extensions ….

When knitting penguono I spent a lot of time looking at each piece and thinking ahead for the colour combination. It was not like a flowing knitting, I did not take the first colour I saw and knit on (actually there is nothing wrong with that :) !) Also I used the beautiful variegated yarn from Countess Ablaze “break me down”  for the back panel and it gave an amazing pattern which looks like a milky way ! it is beautiful, I was very surprised when I saw that. It was like unfolding a mini present ! I guess if you use any variegated yarn doubled with a plain colour (black, grey or white) you will discover a the unique pattern of the yarn (I am not sure that it will work with speckled yarn)! because you have no increase or decrease in the back the variegation is not broken therefore a geometric drawing appears, MAGIC :)!

For the i-cord bind off, I used two colours: edison bulb and maple leaf from madelinetosh. The colours I chose are quite close together therefore they don’t stand out :( much. I thought that two colours i-cord was not a fast and easy way to bind off (use one colour if you want an efficient way to BO and if you want different colours then try a variegated yarn :) ) see so many option !


I blocked penguono, blocking help to sooth the material and to make the knitted fabric longer, I wanted it longer


mini pins stretching penguono

Voila the finish object ! I love love it ! and I am very happy with my neon penguono :) Here are the pictures of the finished penguono. Oh also I almost forgot to tell you that penguono can be worn two ways a casual way and a classy way ! Depending on your mood penguono will always follow you:) !


The crazy back panel (the scarf is lumpy space from Westknits)


Normal way of wearing penguono: the casual way


Second way of wearing penguono, the classy way


I like the classy way better today but tomorrow who knows !


The back when worn with classiness !


23 thoughts on “Penguono by Westknits

  1. un bonheur de te lire et a le regarder! dis moi: taille unique ou pas? car je suis plus costaud que toi et je me demande si ca le ferait aussi joliment sur moi 😀


    • Il y a plusieur taille j ai fait un small mais le prochain je le ferai plus grand car je le veux plus long je crois que le small irai à tout le monde mais c est la longueur qui changerai. J ai une copine plus petite que moi avec une silhouette différent qui a porté le penguono parfaitement. Conclusion je crois que si tu le veux long fait une taille m ou l sinon small devrait aller :) biz


    • don’t be scared ! I used size 5mm needles if you want it big use bigger needles. I think the bigger the better but it will depend on what you are looking for
      good luck :)


    • Well I’ve started and am at the end of my first set of welts! Thanks for the encouragement! Now I am a bit confused! Instructions say work another join yarn and work another rs row, does this mean from the other end?? 😊


  2. Your Penguin is amazing!! I have purchased the pattern myself and I was wondering what size you choose? Small or Medium? What weight yarn? Everything I like is chunky but I’m a small :( Love the colours on yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not really sure I used 5 mm needle so it is big but not very big. If I make another one which is likely I will make it a bit bigger :) The yarn was DK weight but again I changed a bit but mixing different weight together to play with the texture :) let me know how yours go !!


    • Coucou et bien il faudrait que vous contactiez westknit directement. Sinon la version anglaise n est pas très compliqué et si vous avez des questions concernant les explications en anglais, il y a plein de gens qui peuvent vous aider moi inclue :) c est pas du tricot difficile !


  3. I keep coming back to your Penguono, which is my absolute favorite of all the Penguonos :)
    Is it midnight blue or black? I don’t want to copy it by any means, but I would like to know about some of the colourways you used. Have you posted them somewhere? I haven’t been able to find the information anywhere. Merci à l’avance !


    • Merci ! I used a lot of different colours but the main colours is black. I don’t mind if you made a similar one :) I would love to see it when you are finished ! Friend me on ravelry if you are on it ❤️


      • Thank you! I will friend you on Rav. Did you use all DK and hold two strands together for everything? Or is it all DK but not doubled? It’s such a rich black, it looks deep midnight in some photos, almost iridescent! Gorgeous!


      • I used DK and sometime I used two strand together. It depended on what I had in my stash :) and also what is great with holding two strands together is that you increase your range of colours. For the black I used two type of yarn merino and mohair (maybe the fluffiness of the mohair give another dimension to the black


      • I guess my question was is the piece knitted in DK weight or is it in double DK weight? In other words, did you hold two thinner strands together to make it DK weight, or did you hold two strands of DK weight together to make it bulkier? Does that make sense? ;)


      • I used only single strand DK and I double my fingering weight yarn for some yarn so overall my penguono is DK ( i never used double strand DK ) i hope it makes senses 😊


      • It does now. I’m not entirely confident in my yarn weight choices yet, so anytime I can get inside info on that, I learn! Merci beaucoup. :-)


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