Askews me but brioche or not to brioche ?

After the words of Westknits, brioche is the stitch of 2015 ! I actually  believe that it is definitely the stitch of not only this year but also the ones to come. It has so many possibilities in terms of colour play and texture that you can not be put off by it but only be attracted to it! ok, to be fair it looks scary and like many new things it takes a bit of practice to get the hang to it :)

You knit twice the same row and your Yarn over always has a friend, therefore there are lonely stitches and friends stitches on your needle. Westknits put together a crazy KAL involving 10 new scarf designs that were released from 15th of May to the 5th of June. I felt in love with Askews me of course, a 100% brioche ginormous shawl ! and I have a little big crush for striped Esjan and admire the potential of garter goodness which can become an enormous addition not only to your shawl draws but also to your everyday garment!!


Here is a rare picture with an empty cup of coffee ! on the internet they are always full! the coffee was too good so all gone ! good magazine by knit wit that I bought from Fringe supply ! I loved ghost story it made me travel!

The shawl is a present for my mum, I chose earthy colours that are close to her heart and soul. These colours do not talk to me as well as non colours such as black or bright colours such as neon. They are just a bit shy and do not blend in as easily. It is hard to see balance in colours and make them dance together, I hope I did an ok job :)! I chose to make my strips not as wide so that when you wrap yourself like a spring roll with this lovely brioche shawl, more strips and colours will see the light. and a colourful spring roll brioche you will be !!! :)


I could not help to splash a bit of Madelinetosh neon peach in it …..

I used DK weight yarns but I guess that you could use fingering weight too. Fingering will give another drap to your shawl. DK will give you a lovely high fashion chunkiness and fingering will give you a high fashion delicateness… let yourself chose and go off the beaten path… make something different ! why not using only two colours mohair yarns and play with DC LC, Askews me but this will be a fluffy cloud and if you use candy colours well ….you will reach the Carebears world in no time ! :) did you smile ? yes :) no :( it is ok keep reading the pictures, they might make you want to join the Westknits KAL.

So here is my adventure to the fluffy and full of texture brioche world with Stephen West !


The neon peach plays like black by enhancing its neighbour colours


The edge of million ends…. I know I should weave them as I go … laziness will catchup with you… she is quite clingy ;)


The increases (BrKyoBrK), It is like knit yo knit in the same stitch like in normal knitting but the only difference is that you have two loops (friendly stitch) on your needle. I used stitch markers for this shawl and I usually do not use them. For this project they are quite useful.


This picture is indeed a bit boring unless you are interested in the technic behind the BRsl dec . This is what you have to have to start your Dec for BRsl Dec


Brioching hard! it is going to be a BIG shawl !


This is the pointy end growing

voili voilo dear friend ! more later take care !



3 thoughts on “Askews me but brioche or not to brioche ?

  1. le tien est superbe! le mien est bof, à cause des couleurs mais comme ma fille adorait, j’ai stoppe avant les 32 dernieres repetitions pour qu’il soit a sa taille.. du coup, ca lui fait un joli cache coeur, je vais poser des boutons et je montrerai! amuses toi bien! (le striped esjan est long, long, surtout avant d’arriver aux “trous”)

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