Askews me by Westknits

In the last post you would have not have any idea on how big and crazy the shawl really is. I took some pictures of the finished object even though that day was horrible. Now the shawl is on its way to my lovely mum who I am pretty sure will wear it everyday of winter!

photo 2

Here is my lovely mum with master Knitter Stephen West ! once a year loisivethe organises three workshops with Westknits and according to my mum, they are very fun and you learn a lot! here she is knitting a necklace ! photo by @loisivethe (follow them and you will know all about yummy yarns, amazing workshops in Paris and tea of course :) )

photo 1

And you can try on all his design! photo by @sodayona on Instagram

Knitting askews me is not hard, it is intimidating if you have never knitted brioche before but trust me with some practice you will be flying over the brioche stitch like nothing and you will be very happy to add this stitch in your knitting tools!


Weaving the ends and trimming after blocking, I always do that after blocking

Yarn used in the project:

Manos del Uruguay (eggplant colour) bulky

Skeinyarn (pink) fingering (knitted 2 strings together)

Madelinetosh (neon peach) fingering (knitted 2 strings together)

Miss click clack (yellow and blue) DK , This was my  first time knitting some click clack yarn and boy the yarn is soft and the colours are true to the picture ! I was not disappointed and bought more :)

Countess Ablaze (my only variegated yarn) DK always perfect

Morris and sons (the grey one and the rusty one ) fingering (knitted 2 strings together) for the grey and for the rusty 8 ply in Maya so with some baby alpaca in it …..sooooooft


I played with the background colours a lot look at the yellow ! it is the same yellow but with a different background it looks different ! so you do not need millions of colours :) (WS)


RS neon peach gives a mini pop to the earthy colours !


The shawl is almost like a deconstructed jersey ! full of plasticity, potentiality and originality the only limit is your own imagination! mine did not go very far ;)


The Right Side (RS)


The Wrong Side (WS), they do not look so different in the picture for some reason but in person they are quite different !

voili voilo ! so so are you going to try ! you do not have to try a massive project like this one ! you could start with something small like a beanie for example, Syncopation adoration is a free pattern by Westknit! so ????

Take care my friend until next time :)






5 thoughts on “Askews me by Westknits

  1. Bonjour, le problème avec ce magnifique patron c’est que j’arrive pas quand j’arrive à la section 1 avec les marqueur. Ça ne fonctionne pas. Quelqu’un pourrait m’expliquer?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3 marqueurs. Losque j’arrive pour tricoter jusqu’à la dernière maille avant le marqueur de la section 1 ça ne fonctionne pas. Je n’arrive jamais avec une maille avant le marqueur. Je comprends vraiment pas ce que je ne fais pas correctement


  3. Je ne faisais jamais attention au nombre de mailles pour se projet. Je tricotais jusqu’à ce qui me reste le nombre correct de mailles pour fair les increases ou les decreases As tu regarde mon autre blog poste ( just avant celui la?), il y a des photos. C’est difficile de t aider car je ne me souviens plus trop de comment j ai fait … Tu peux peut être trouver de l aide sur Instagram. Bis


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