The baby, the Westknits KAL 2015 and other beautiful yarn

First I wanted to let you know that I was working full time as a little human factory. Our little boy was born in February and he is now over 5 kg of curious little boy :)!.

So what happened in my little world of knitting:

– I took part of the FibreShare project: It was a very exciting little adventure; you get to meet new and talented people. When my fibre share parcel arrived it was full of prettiness and loveliness with little and big skein of yarn and colours and silk buttons. I sent my parcel and the joy of my partner when she received was so full of happiness that it made my day ! she was so happy that she sent me a little parcel to say thank you … oh you have no idea how surprised and double happy I was when I received a bright skein, her handmade sewing case and more importantly her lovely words… I had tears in my eyes as I did not have a good day that day. So FibreShare is a must do experience!

– I knitted a singlet, a beautiful little piece of summer designed by Jess Schreibstein the cook, knitter and blogger, the beach tank. It is quite ironic as I knitted for my post pregnancy self so trying it on was not a tasteful option so hopefully I will fit the beast 6month post pregnancy perfect for summer 2016 J . I mixed two yarn to give a marble effect: a lindcraft yellow cotton and the beautiful lace weight Monarch by hedgehog fibers. I love the combination of both yarn !


Beach Tank by Jess Schreibstein

-A while back I received the most beautiful parcel from my mum in Corsica and in the lovely box two beautiful fingering weight yarn from Madelinetosh were looking at me whispering knit me knit me …. so I decided to knit another Westknits project, Holeyshevrons. With the bright yellow neon yarn from my fiber share colleague and another pretty grey yarn from hedgehogfibres I made holey chevrons. It was a long long knit but so rewarding. The three little strips symbolise my little family my amazing man, my son and the other little person.


Holey Chevrons in 100% Hedgehog Fibres


Holey Chevrons


Big belly in Holey Chevrons

  • I finished making a little vest for my little growing baby but I had to start over and over so many time that my motivation dropped. Also I realised that it will not be a new born size … I am indeed a loose knitter  … it will not be a cardigan but a dressing gown…Well my boy was 4.6kg at birth so it actually fit perfectly !
  • Finally, I started a bit late the 2015 Westknit KAL the doodler, so fare so good, clue one is all about short row and clue two is …. Ok I stop so I don’t spoil your surprise (if you are currently knitting it or want to knit it) …. My colours choice is very pink.  I chose 3 colours from hedghog fibers darkness from Ferrum, brighness from Coral and deepness from Merlot …I think that it will look like a lolly or an ice cream.
  • DSC_1271

    Doodler section 2


  • _DSF2511

    Final section: You can chose to have this fancy edge or not but I personally prefer with than without



    My husband helped to hard block the little doodler


  • And YOU what have you been up to ?


    Big belly in the doodler :)


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