Bits and bobs

Bits and bobs of colours with westknits, I know I am a westkniter at the moment. I Knit all wesknits. It is hard to not be inspired by his design really as they are original and they pop in colours. I really enjoy knitting bits and bobs for my 3 year old. I love going back to the rhythm of the brioche knitting. It is a great stash buster. The only problem if you call this a problem, is that because it uses different colours and bits of yarn you end up with al lot of free ends. The very very patient knitter would weave the ends in but the less patient one would use Wesknits trick. 


Like a jelly fish in an ocean of colours


Bits and bobs ends !!


Westknits uses all the ends and makes a beautiful french braid!! it sounds weird but it is a very good idea and to be honest with you, you do not feel the braid when you wear the hat! you should have a look at his little video about the french braid. It works for him! it works for me too :). I also made a pompom with colours that my son has chosen :)


The neon pompom


Bits and bobs in action

I know that brioche knitting can be a bit scary at first and my first go was ….let say a disaster…. but if you really want to give brioche a go there is plenty of great courses online to help you out, the paid course on craftsy with  the queen of Brioche Nancy Marchant was very helpful for me but you can also have a look on my little videos I put together a while back on my instagram one for Brp1 and another for Brk1

so now what is on your needles ???

On my needles, I have a pink enchanted mesa and green exploration station both patterns are from Westknits.


The rose Enchanted Mesa


_DSF2852 (1)

Sneak peek on my green exploration station the green is called Stephen is a merman from La Bien Aimée

More sooooon!!!



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