Pay it forward

To give you a smile and a bit of happiness, I give away my pink doodler that I knitted not long ago for Westknits KAL 2015!!!!


Pink doodler waiting for a new  home

The only thing you have to do is to comment on how to empower our future women on my instagram account under the image pay it forward. Someone will win the shawl and in return this someone will make something special for someone else! and so on ! it will be like a wave of kindness!!!


blocking the beast

It is open to anyone who went to spread tolerance, love and respect!

go on my instagram account and comment ! I would love to read your though on the subject !!



2 thoughts on “Pay it forward

  1. I have been following your knitting on Ravelry and so admire the way you combine colours. I just wanted to tell you that your post today brought tears to my eyes.

    SDBabs in California


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