Vitamins in my dotted rays

When La Bien Aimé started a KAL in july to knit your dotted rays for life.  I jumped in ! I was not very healthy in the last 2 months so I chose colours that are comforting to me and  that have mood lifting power.


Supervising the boys while knitting.

Oranges, Pinks, Yellows… like a nice summery drink that you sip on the side of  the warm indian ocean with salt in your hair and coconut oil (SPF 50 :)) on your skin. I love it !

Every time I knitted my dotted ray it felt like  I was going on holiday far from my sickness and life in general a moment for myself with colours and texture.


The dotted rays is a very straight forward shawl there is no major trick in it therefore it is perfect for beginner. Westknits patterns are very clear and he never leave you in darkness!

I used needle size 4 mm and I also made more rays 14 in total. I have to say as the number of stitches climbed up my stamina was declining a bit. I was aiming for 16 rays but decided to stop earlier not only because as the shawl grow bigger its hunger for the yarn increased by almost two fold and I did not want the make rays with strips.


I also learned to be very care full with knitting mohair and more so when using big needle. You think that you knit through the loop when in fact you knit the fluff and knitting the fluff does not bring us very far. Eventually a catastrophe happened stitches get lose and you turn white …. the world stop… you get very meticulous trying to get the stitches back where they should be and there is no way you can answer any question of any kind even when  your son ask where rocket raccoon is ……

So extra care around the mohair fluffies as they are cunning ….





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