What about a Naked dandy for Christmas!

It all started with something given to me by Qingfiber, a beautiful yarn with breath taking colours. I don’t know how many time I was just seating looking at the colours, their intricacy, their vibrancy. The yarn was calling to be knitted entirely! then I found this pretty pattern by Julieknitsinparis ,the Naked dandy and  I thought that would be the best canvas for the yarn !

img_7979so I unraveled the precious skein and wow!


You may think that I used a filter well yes I did, BUT,  it was to catch the true colours of this yarn! what you see is what I had in my hands and what my eye could see.

Now what about the pattern: It was an adventure ! I love when knitting is out of the beaten path when the designer takes the simple triangular shawl to another level. You turn, you pick up stitches, you make provisional cast on, you brioche..Don’t shy away ! I think that it is a very rewarding little knit.  Julie  holds your hand through the journey with very clear and thorough explanations (she even has a youtube channel for extra help!!!).


close up colours goodness

Working with mohair was a bit tricky. My metal needles were not the best choice to work with this slippery fluffy thread. Also do not mistaken your fluff for a stitch … it goes bad but the good thing is that it does not fall apart very fast as the fluff likes fluff and they get tangled and the lost stitch is caught. You have time to recover the mess quite quickly …unless you do  not see it ….. so be careful :)!


I cord bind off my favourite BO !!

The folowwing picture is very dull my camera could not catch the vibrancy of the colours. You can blame the photographer for sure ! I took a video that I posted on my instagram that catches the differences between the colours. I think that the background is too dark for the bright colours of the shawl.



So now when do you start your own naked dandy ! surely everyone need one for christmas ! I offered mine to my sister as I was super excited that she was having a baby !!! so naked dandy left me for my sister. It is hard to let go at something you sherish and put so much effort into it. But I love my sister and knowing that the little shawl will be keeping her warm, it makes me extra happy !!! I love making present ! You should have a look at the little Christmas tree (pattern from lalylala ) that I am currently crocheting as Christmas ornament gift !!

Have a safe and lovely holiday ! take care see you next year for more adventure :)


I wanted to share this pretty necklace made by my 3.5 years old son for me :)!!



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