What about a Naked dandy for Christmas!

It all started with something given to me by Qingfiber, a beautiful yarn with breath taking colours. I don’t know how many time I was just seating looking at the colours, their intricacy, their vibrancy. The yarn was calling to be knitted entirely! then I found this pretty pattern by Julieknitsinparis ,the Naked dandy and  I thought that would be the best canvas for the yarn !

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Fibre lover portrait #3

Today, I am happy to introduce S from Tales of twisted fibers, the creator of Ivy, the clever crocheter behind the infamous free Batman pattern (visitors favourite pattern on Amigurumipatterns), the designer behind Foxy O’Neal  and Miss Kitty Catty  featured in the amazing pattern book Animals at work , the bee girl was top ten on the list of  fun features from dream to reality #69 on DIY dreamer web site.

Even though, I have never met S in person, discussing with her through emails, I could tell that she is indeed a passionate fibre crafter, she put a lot of work on putting patterns together. I worked with S on the Ivy pattern and I was very impressed on how thorough the explanations were (step by step pictures on tricky parts).  S has been crocheting for only 2.5 years and her work is outstanding and inspiring. I am happy to share with you her work and world!

Little warning: There is a PA content doll in this blog post !  so only grownups are allowed to click continue reading ! sorry guys!! 

©Tales of Twisted Fibers. All rights reserved.

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Amigurumi Ivy for halloween

When Tales of twisted fibers called for testers for her new pattern, I jumped on the occasion! I was lucky to be chosen for the testing of Ivy.

I have to say that the pattern was Perfect and that there were not many things to fix really. I was so happy to make Ivy that I got carried away and made some mistakes! The colour I chose are not very halloweeny but my Ivy is nicely wicked. She is a protector of children, loves drinking tea with cornichon biscuit (Chon biscuit), and collects rabbits.


Ivy the pink hair little sorceress

The thing that is new for me in term of amigurumi is that Ivy is movable. The use of mini wire make the entire doll alive. The making of Ivy was not very complicated as the explanations were pretty straight forward. It uses very basic crochet technics. I used 4 colours (white, brown lavanda and pink) Loden from Grignasco and crochet hook 2.5 mm. Ivy is 10.5 inches high and pretty !


she has a little hat




She is very precious and you should crochet one for the coming 31st of October !!!!! the pattern for Ivy will be soon available on amigurumi patterns ! Also if you go on the her amazing blog you will find amazing free amigurumi pattern ! I am planning to make batman and super Ted!

A lot of work goes into making dolls and patterns so if using free or bought pattern always give a little thanks to the maker! Ivy pattern is on sale Here

Happy Amigurumi making !!




Fiber lover portrait # 1

I decided that writing a blog about my own knitting adventures is just not as exciting as writing about other people fiber vision. When I was in the westknits KAL, I realised that even though everyone had the same pattern, Lumpy space, the finished object was different, it had a soul, the soul of the maker. I realised that behind each finished object there is a person with her/his own senses and stories. I decided to talk about people and their feeling and passion about fiber ! Today my first fiber lover portrait is my best friend C who is a mother, researcher, sporty person, and coffee drinker. I learned how to knit with her over many coffees and cakes  in deep discussion about science, philosophy and of course our future knitting projects.


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From neurons to knitting and knitting to neurons

Today,  for the first time I went into the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. I went to a very exciting seminar about neuroscience and knitting! yes, you heard right, knitting and neurons were the main subject of the seminar. As a neuroscientist and a keen knitter, I was very excited by this exotic combination.

photo 1

They had everything there to make your own psychedelic neuron!

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Dr Hannibal Lecter can Knit

There is a link between Hannibal and knitting…. Read you will see…..

Hannibal is too perfect in his imperfection of being only a psychopath. He knows how to cook all kinds of food from different parts of the world, he knows many languages, he knows history, botany, anatomy, astrology, drawing, programming (?), singing (?) making love, he even has daddy feelings (how cute), he is a very talented warrior as he can kill in no time well trained FBI agents and mafia type people, Continue reading